• Period: to


  • constitution

    constitution of the U.S. signed
  • washigton inaugurated

    washigton inaugurated
    George Washington inaugurated
  • louis XVI of France

    louis XVI of France
    calls meeting of the estates General
  • congress

    aproved Hamilton's plan
  • Bank of the U.S. is charted

  • Hamilton's report on Manufactures

    Hamilton's report on Manufactures
    rejected by congress
  • France's revoutionary

    France's revoutionary
    announces a "war of people against all kings"
  • Genet affair

    Genet affair
    strains relations with France
  • Washington

    issues proclamation of neutrality
  • spread of democratic clubs

    spread of democratic clubs
    alarms federalists and Jefferson resigns secretary of state
  • Whiskey Rebellion

    Whiskey Rebellion
    put down by U.S. army
  • General Anthony Wayne

    General Anthony Wayne
    defeates Indians at battle of fallen timbers
  • Hamilton

    resigns as sec. of treasury
  • Jays treaty

    Jays treaty
    divides the nation
  • John Adams

    John Adams
    elected as president
  • XYZ affair

    XYZ affair
    poisons U.S. relations with France
  • Quasi war

    Quasi war
    unofficial war with france 1798-1800
  • provisional army

    provisional army
    the provisional army was formed
  • g.washigton dies

    g.washigton dies
    new election occurs after this
  • house of reps electiont

    house of reps electiont
    jefferson president