Egypt revolution 2011 by midodesigns d390cqs

Egyption Revolution

  • Day of Revolt

    Day of Revolt
    -Protests erupted throughout Egypt
    -Protestors gathered in Cairo/cities throughout Egypt
    -Protests targeted President Hosni Mubarak's government
  • Shutting Down the Internet

    Shutting Down the Internet
    -After Facebook and Twitter groups were created (gathering support), Egyptian government decided to shut down internet access for most of the Egyptian people
    -They thought this would "impede" protestors communication
  • Friday of Anger

    Friday of Anger
    -Protests began
    -Some occured in Cairo but also in other cites after Friday Prayers
    -Some known looting and fire set to prisons occured
    -After the prison breaks, police forces withdrew
    -Military was ordered to deploy
    -International fears of violence grew
    -Mubarak made his 1st address to the nation (after 4 days of protests), pledging to form a new government
    -That night clashes broke out in Tahrir Square --> few injured & killed Karim Ahmed Ragab
  • Attempted Watch

    Attempted Watch
    -Military presence increased
    -Curfew was declared
    -Protests increased/continued throughout the night
    -Military refused to follow orders to fire ammunition -->exercising estraint
  • Mubarak promises?

    Mubarak promises?
    -Mubarak made a televised address-after protests and offered concessions
    -Pledged he wouldn't run for another term in elections planned for Sept., pledged political reforms-stated he would stay in office to oversee peaceful transition
    -Violent clashes began that night between pro-Mubarak and anti-Mubarak groups
  • Battle of the Camel

    Battle of the Camel
    -Violence escalated
    -Mubarak supporters met anti-government protesters/some Mubarak supporters rode on camels/horses into Tahrir Square
    -Hundreds of casualties
    -Military tried to limit violence (separating anti-Mubarak and pro-Mubarak groups)
    -Mubarak reiterated his refusal to step down
    -Incidents of violence toward journalists occurred
  • Still at a standstill

    Still at a standstill
    -Egyptian Christians held Sunday Mass in Tahrir Square, protected by a ring of Muslims
    -Egyptian army assumed greater security responsibilities, maintaining order and guarding Egypt’s museums
    -Suleiman offered reforms-while others of Mubarak's regime accused foreign nations, including the US, of interfering in Egypt’s affairs
  • Mubarak says he won't resign

    Mubarak says he won't resign
    -Mubarak formally addressed Egypt
    -Instead of his expected resigning, he just said that he'd delegate some of his powers to Vice President Suleiman (while continuing as Egypt's head of state)
    -Reactions to this were full of anger, frustration and disappointment
  • Friday of Departure

    Friday of Departure
    -Massive protests continued; Egyptians refused concessions announced by Mubarak
    -6:00 p.m. -Suleiman announced Mubarak's resignation
    (entrusting Supreme Council of Egyptian Armed Forces with leadership of the country)
  • A New Beginning

    A New Beginning
    -Supreme Council dissolved Egypt’s parliament; suspended Constitution in response to demands by demonstrators
    -Council declared that it would hold power for 6 months/until elections could be held
    -Calls were made that the council provide more details and specific timetables and deadlines/Major protests subsided but did not end
    -Protesters cleaned up/renovated Tahrir Square-although many said they would contuine protests until promises were met
  • Detained figures

    Detained figures
    -Army stated it would not field a candidate in the upcoming presidential elections
    -4 important figures of the former regime were detained on that day: former interior minister Habib el-Adly, former minister of housing Ahmed Maghrabi and former tourism minister Zuheir Garana, as well as steel tycoon Ahmed Ezz
  • No more Ahmed Shafik

    No more Ahmed Shafik
    A day before large protests against him were planned, Ahmed Shafik stepped down as PM and was replaced by Essam Sharaf
  • SSI buildings raided

    SSI buildings raided
    -State Security Intelligence buildings raided across Egypt by protesters
    -Protesters raided buildings to secure documents they believed to show crimes committed by the SSI against the people of Egypt during Mubarak's rule
  • Nasr City headquarters

    Nasr City headquarters
    -From Nasr City headquarters protesters acquired evidence of mass surveillance, vote rigging, noted rooms full of videotapes, piles of shredded/burned documents, and cells where activists recounted their experiences of detention and torture
  • No more protests?

    No more protests?
    -Egyptian Cabinet orders law criminalizing protests and strikes
    -Under new law, anyone organizing or calling for a protest will be sentenced to jail and/or a fine