Ethiopia Timeline

  • Revolution starts with Sidamo

    Soldiers were arguing about their quality of their food and took hostage to their own leader. They wanted to meet the emperor to argue. Ethiopia's dark age came.
  • Revisions made

    Government changed the constitution, and made the army troup's salary increase. Caused a big change to the education, and check inflation
  • Free medical care introduced

    Ever since when free medical care was introduced to the poor, they have started to make, and renovate hospitals. They even got access to the modern heath care.
  • End of Ethiopian Revolution

    the ethiopian revolution came to an end, after that Ethiopia is poor due to the lack of money and it is one of the porrest countries in the world. Also a book.
  • growth rate rising??

    Ethipia was planning to increase prices for flower exports to make big money, an estimated 25% growth rate.
  • Money!!

    Ethiopia makes money through their natural resources. They have things such as salt, copper, gold, platinum, and natural gas.