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  • 1,500 BCE


    Mesoamerica is a time period that included what is now Mexican land and the Caribbean which was part of Spanish colonization.You would be able to find the new first civilizations in this area,which includeOlmec,Aztecs&Mayans.Aztecs had the largest population it continued 20 million people their capital was Tenochtitlan.Mayans practiced human sacrifice and in the caste system.The Olmecs aka mother of culture at this time were the most advanced civilization but they had a society decline in 350 BC
  • -500 BCE

    Dark Ages

    Dark Ages
    The dark ages was a bad time period for the Europeans and they went back in social structure people stopped learning and the economy became weak. At this time the Christianity is allowed and the Catholic religion is the only one that is most known about. The people of the Catholic church begins to get involved in "government" and the church would be the leader of the government at this time period. Historians can't collect information from this time period as not many things were being recorded.
  • 1300

    The Renaissance

    The Renaissance
    The Renaissance is what created a cultural movement between society in the 14th and 15th century. At this time new technology was introduced like the printing press invented by John Gutenberg in 1440; the printer allowed the scriptures like the bible to be easily spread throughout Europe and the world. Science was also major at this time period as it introduced medicine.They had a urge to explore and claim new land was something Portugal craved and many others and introduced Henry The Navigator.
  • 1415

    The Age Exploration

    The Age Exploration
    The age of exploration began with the Exploration made by Henry the Navigator who was sent by Portugal to explore the west coast of Africa. 77 years later Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. He was sent by Spain to explore on what he believed was landing in Asia. Columbus makes 4th voyages to North America. The 2nd voyage, he brought not only Spaniards but also disease that killed the natives. His 4th voyage he died and till the point of his death he still thought he was in Asia.
  • 1492

    Colombian Exchange

    Colombian Exchange
    This was a change that began in 1492 by of course Christopher Columbus. They would exchange goods between the "new" & old worlds. Many new crops turned out to appear due to this new form of trade. Cash crops like Sugar, Tobacco, and Cotton was being sent to Europe. Cotton was turned into textiles and sent to Africa. These crops brought great economic gain to the new world settlers but it demands large slaves from Africa.Dease spread rapidly in this triangular trade it affected native Americans.
  • Apr 22, 1519

    Conquest Of The New World

    Conquest Of The New World
    The Spanish came over to the new world to create ecomiendas, spread Christianity. They came over to take over multiple tracks of land.As they conquered this new land they found native Americans & used them and used them as slaves to find silver & gold.They saw this method was not going to work due to many natives dying of disease so they introduced African American slavesThe french came to the new world because they become interested in trading the newfound fur. & they fouded the missipi valley.
  • English Colonial Societies

    English Colonial Societies
    The English colonizers that migrated from Europe for trip predicted to have last at least two months. The Colonizers that arrived in Jamestown, Virginia & knew that taking the land away from the remaining natives WAS not going to be easy so they had a strategy on how to gain the land to establish the colonies. Their strategy was for them to push away the natives away. At this time society was based on the social class that was created by the income produced by the colonizing and their education.
  • Chesapeake Colonies

    Chesapeake Colonies
    Jamestown was a colony in the Chesapeake land.This colony began as a private charter it had 105 settlers on their st winder 32of the 105 survive as they did not know how to handle such cold temperatures.Jamestown society isolated from the natives. John Smith was someone very valuable during this time period he was a soldier & an adventurer he introduced Tobacco from the Carribean that became a crash crops for the colony. Due to this crash crop slaves were needed so they were intoduced by pirates
  • New England Colonies

    New England Colonies
    Colonies like Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay were part of the "New England Colonies". In the Plymouth was a colony made up of reformers of England. Relocating because their native home was too corrupt they were pilgrims looking for a spiritual quest. They followed the Mayflower compact that legally gave them land. John Winthrop was someone important in the Massachusetts Bay as he had paid his way into the new world. He handles harshly and only married settlers were allowed tp settle in his land.
  • Quakers

    This was a religious movements that began in England.They letf England because the religious mistreatment they were receiving so they migrated and setteled in Pennsylvania as a society of good friends.They would tremble to the words of the lord and believed that God excist in every single person alive.They wnated to create a society people would look up to.They supported things like the woman rights and did not think that owning slaves was ethical.Many quakers were put in jail for their belives.
  • Navigation Acts

    Navigation Acts
    This was an act that took place between 1651-1660 that helped the needs of the British empire.This act limited trade the colonies had between the English and tried to stop the dependence the colonies had from outside goods. Their was multiple acts being imposed during this time period toward the colonies.Cash crops like Sugar, Indigo, Tobacco, and Cotton allowed to be sold, be traded with, &ship to the English. This resulted to many farmers to smuggle their goods to other countries and colonies.
  • Caribbean Colonies

    Caribbean Colonies
    Barbados, Jamaica & other England held islands were part of these colonies. Sugar was the main cash crop of these islands; Europeans were major consumers of the crop. Other countries like Spain, France & Holland had some possession of the land. The colonizers looked at the Carribean as the most important region as they made most of their money from sugar crops. Slaves were majorly needed in this area for the cultivation of sugar. The Slave in this area has no type of legal resources for slaves.
  • English Bill Of Rights

    English Bill Of Rights
    This bill is also known as the William & Mary and it was passed at the end of 1689. Bill of rights limits the powers of the king and queen and gives power to the parliament & it creates a big impact to the colonies back in the new world by giving them a government& militias for defense.It sets the laws and monarchy to be constitutional. It gives freedom of speech,&basic rights to the citizens.John Locke Is someone who is believed influenced the bill. US bill of rights is influenced by this bill.
  • Salem Witch Trials

    Salem Witch Trials
    This began at the start of 1692with the claim of the minister daughter many girls being possessed.The witch trials held a trial in Salem where the first convicted was Bridget Bishop she was found guilty to the actions of witchcraft & was hanged to death as the punishment.200 men and woman were blamed and falsely blamed for witchcraft many died being drowned & hung in Massachusetts for the act of witchcraft.5yrs later the court realized that the trials were not ethical and stooped the witch hunt.
  • Slavery

    Slavery was introduced by pirates and traded in the triangular trade in early 1600. Although they were introduced early they became a much bigger problem in Colonial America.The reasoning would be because they needed more plantation workers fro their crash crop production.Having & receiving Slaves from Africa made this issue much easier because they did not have to pay the slaves, making life simpler for crash crop produces as they received all the profit made of the crops being traded and sold.
  • The Enlightenment

    The Enlightenment
    American Enlightenment was focused on reasoning & science.Colonist was stepping out their religious beliefs,questioned the bible they rather believed in science.Benjamin Franklin is very important as he is the symbol of enlightenment creator of the wood burning stove,lightbulb,reading glasses and founder of the Unversity Of Pensylvania.Philosopher John Locke was also important as he introduced natural rights & that everyone was equal. Deism is intoduced,belief God just watchs and no evil excist.
  • The Great Awakening

    The Great Awakening
    This was the revival of religious belief coming back into the colonies fro 1730-1770. The Anglican Minister Jonathan Edwards was a very important figure at this time period. He brought the belief that everyone was a sinner creating a consumer-oriented society. Edward saying that every human was a sinner feared the people from becoming religious. Ideas like Confessing your sins for God forgiveness and ideas of Hell introduced. This also rose Elite Universities as people reached reached knowledge.
  • Changes in Transportation

    Changes in Transportation
    Roads, Steamboats Canals,& Railroads are introduced during this era making everything easier from trading goods and becoming a great war advantage later on.ROADS become a priority during the 1730s as it made traveling a lot more convenient &smoother to get from place to place STEAMBOATS became very popular/expensive between the states because it made transporting their goods a lot faster introducing, CANALS for easier passing.RAILROADS most important invention cheap&fast transportation of goods.
  • Seven Years War / French Indian War

    Seven Years War / French Indian War
    This was a war fought between the Britsh and French.The war nearly lasted a decade from 1756-1763 this battle is also known "The French And Indian War".The French had a very helpful fort named Fort Duquesne, it was very important because of the three ways it had to the rivers so this brought the french may advantages. The for was then conquered by the British and the British would rename the stolen fort; Fort Pitt.Taxation was huge at this time as it helped the British cover the cost of the war.
  • Fort William Henry

    Fort William Henry
    This was a Event during the French and indian war. This fort was British property that end up being conqured by the french. Fort William Henry is very importnat event to the native americans as it was taken away from the Bristish by the French it showed the natives that british were loosing this encouraged the natives to help the French fight this battle.This was a huge lost for the British as they lost many of their own due to massacre done at this fort.This was fought in Lake George New York.
  • Salutary Neglect

    Salutary Neglect
    Salutary neglect in the colonies began after Seven Year War.British became most strict on their taxation in order for them to be able to pay back the war debt they had with the Seven Year War. Began to enforce Navigation acts &started ideas to tax the colonists,Sugar act which taxed every sugar being traded.The Stamp act later passed & it taxed every paper or stamped used.Townshend act passe and taxed every traded well.This led to the Tea act which taxed every tea being consumed in the colonies.
  • Tready Of Paris

    Tready Of Paris
    This was the tready that helped and concluded the end of the Seven Year War it was signed by the English, Spaish & the French. This declared the Win for the Britsh side & it introduced the start of a brand new era.As the French signed this tready they agreed to gieving up their land in northern America.Quabec & Ohio valley was now owend by the British,Spanish owend anything west of the Lousiana Territory & Spain got Mississipi. This brings the colonist together making it 1st sign of nationalism.
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    The Boston Massacre took place on March 05,1700.It started with a crowd of Boston Colonist began to harass the British soldiers the soldiers.This event was the key that led the American Revolution. This was the first ever propaganda that American Colonist had started and it was because they were already frustrated and upset with the British with them as they came in and inforced the taxation turds the products traded.Only five American colonists died at this event lowest dead rate in a massacre.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    This is one of the biggest rebellions leading to the war. The Tea Act was passed in March of 17773 and the rebellion was in December. The colonist stayed mad on the British taxing them on something they consumed so often like Tea. DRunk Bostonians decided to dress up as Indians one night to show the British that they were tired of the taxations being made with the Tea Act. Many colonists were not surprised by the rebellion done. No property or harm made they only lost 340 chests if tea imported.
  • Battle of Lexington

    Battle of Lexington
    The battle is the starter of the War and also known as the shot heard around the world as is was the 1st time anyone wanted to unleash from the British ruling.This was the fight that the British wanted to make to try to stop the colonist from gaining independence.It was 800 British VS 70 colonist,an uneven battle so the British did win but it did not stop the colonist from fighting.The battle roughly lasted around 10 minutes as the British had sneaked upon the colonists &destroyed their weapons.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    Battle of Bunker Hill
    Battle took place in Massachusetts and it was a British win once again. Although the American colonist had lost their battle once again this just helped them feel a lot more confident about the war because the British had many tradegies 100 men dead from there side. this became a very important battle for the Americans. The continental army (American)was led by William Prescott later led by George Washington At this point of war, the British were known as the redcoats &army led by William Howe.
  • Deceleration Of Independence

    Deceleration Of Independence
    Independence from the British was not a choice the colonist wanted proposing by Richard Henry Lee, but it was needed they no longer wanted to be colonies but rather be a country.John Adams had Requested Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Rober Livingston aka founding fathers to be the committee to write. The draft was done by the 7/2/76 and was signed on the 4th of July. It showed Grievances of the Monarchy and it avoided the settlements of monarchy.Many loyalists flee to Canada.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    Battle of Saratoga
    The battle is to be considered the turning point as the Americans had major victory in the Revolution.The battle lasted from September 19 - October 1777so roughly a month of battle.British had just changed their fight strategies which were to combine the army with the navy,decided to not do the merging which led to their loss.British lost many in this battle. Continental was now gaining allies like the French to help them fight for independence with them,French added their commit troop and navy.
  • The Articles Of Confederation.

    The Articles Of Confederation.
    The articles of confederation were the new set of rules that states had to follow to have a form of government.As the states had just come down from the British ruling they did not want a form of government that would simulate the same one they were under before.So that made AOC rather weak.The states could not enforce taxes since they could not collect taxes it made the funds low.They had NO CENTRAL GOV&the Congress could not get anything done. Important as it was the 1st form of gov in the US.
  • Battle Of Yorktown

    Battle Of Yorktown
    Battle was found near a beach in Virginia. There was around 17,000 continental and French soldiers VS 9,000 Red Coats.The French help the continental army by a lot turning them into a huge role in this battle.Geroge Washington knew he had to surround the scape the British wanted to make by sea and the Cornwallis escape.The British troops decided to surrender the battle with nearly 500 British soldiers harmed on which was a lower rate compared to the casualties of the French & Americans combined.
  • Enlightenment Ideas In 18th Century

    Enlightenment Ideas In 18th Century
    The people in this era were still experimenting
    Enlightenment Ideas as they were before.This time around the Americans was focusing on Education much more &rather stepping out their religious beliefs as they saw that there was much more knowledge behind on what they were surely believing before.Ever since the colines became their own nation,they began to separate what was the church and state meaning that religious beliefs controlled the government.The common people began to step up in society.
  • Treaty Of Paris

    Treaty Of Paris
    Treaty ends the Revolutionary war between the Americans and the British Signed by King George III. Colonies become states as they become independent and named them selfs "The United States of America" and also leads for them to get the northern border between northern British land A.K.A Canada. Now newly states restore the property left by the loyalist that fleed to Canada. Both British and American share the Mississippi River & Americans receive the Mississippi Frontier that leads to the river.
  • Three Branches

    Three Branches
    The modern government was introduced at this time with the introduction of 3 balanced governments.Legislative is constructed of 2houses of representatives which are the House of Representatives & the Senate this is the most important branch of government as is responsible to make up laws.The executive branch is in charge of carrying outlaws & its handled by President,Vice President,Cabinet &Fed agencies.Supreme court and local courts are in charge of evaluating laws this is the Judicial branch.
  • Constitutional Convention

    Constitutional Convention
    This convention was held to see what form of new government the states were going to create.They had 3 plans in the table,one being Virginia,New Jersey,Connecticut plans that solved gov issues. Virginia mostly made for bigger states & covered equal powers,2 house legislature,simple executive/Judicial &based on population.New Jersey demanded executive to be elected by Congress,less power to the judiciary,1supreme legislature law and to basically modify AOC.Connecticut is today modern day congress
  • Northwest Ordinance

    Northwest Ordinance
    This was a form to start to gain new states into the Nation/ Union. There were three things that were proposed by the ordinance.1) To not divide the land into more than five territories in total. 2) needed a type of government that involved Secretary, Governor, 3 Judges and if the territory landed more than sixty thousand residents it would become a state & that if it reached five thousand residents it would need legislatures.3) Include a Bill Of Rights.This is the Administration for the states.
  • Connecticut plan?

    Connecticut plan?
    The Connecticut plan is written and proposed by Roger Sherman and Oliver Ellsworth Connecticut plan is also called and known as the Great Compromise.This plan is what was used more in making the constitution and is basically the foundation of our Congress today.This was a not plan that only ruled small or big states but it rather fixed the big debate of both. It introduced a bi commercial legislature with HOR,Senate,figured how to count slaves aka the3/5compromise south pro-slave north no slaves
  • Shay Rebellion

    Shay Rebellion
    This was a post war recession for the members of the union it was a bad time period for everyone.There was multiple social class The farmers felt very seized disagreements between the Farmers and Wealthy people of the states were common.The rebellion put the
    AOC to the test and it sadly failed people were now demanding a brand new form of government as the articles of confederations were too weak and was not able to pay the debt or handle social misconducts.Shines a light into the Constitution.
  • Election of 1788

    Election of 1788
    This is the first ever election done in the Union that followed the new brand new Constitution. The election was for George Washington, favor as there were no running mates turning him into the first ever President with 69 electoral votes from the college system. Americans looked up to Washington as a God-Like figure as he had done so much for the country as chief of the revolutionary war army and gained love. John Adams became George Washington Vice President, Washington ran for just one term.
  • District Of Columbia

    District Of Columbia
    After the hunt for the perfect place to hold the national capital after placing it in Pennsylvania and New York, they saw they locations not good enough so they decided to move it to the District Of Colombia. This city is now known as Washinton D.C. This was the perfect location because it was located near a river and the Atlantic Ocean which made it perfect to transport goods from around the area and other major nations.The area of the government reserved a place is a hundred square miles wide.
  • Whiskey Rebellion

    Whiskey Rebellion
    Rebellion lasted nearly 4 years from 1791-1794 was a major test for the constitution.Whiskey rebellion took place in Washington Presidental time.Kentucky &Pennsylvania farmers began to rebel over the big taxation being made to whiskey.The farmers took a huge economic gain from the whiskey being sold and traded;whiskey being taxed would be a loss of money for farmers. Whiskey was being taxed to gain money to recover from war debt.Rebellion came to end once Washington sends army to control rebels.
  • Bank Of The United States

    Bank Of The United States
    The bank was founded by Alexander Hamilton in Philadelphia and it was made to handle the debt left over that was made by the revolutionary war. Although the bank settled in Philadelphia it still had 8 other branches of the bank in other cities. Many saw the bank as unconstitutional and it brought problems up. People could deposit, take loans, and invest in the bank. Slowly commercial businesses began took over the ban success &profit that unfortunately leads for the bank to not be renewed in1811
  • Bill Of Rights

    Bill Of Rights
    James Madison wrote and turned in the proposal to pass the bill of rights to the legislatures in September of 1789.The bill of rights was the proposal to demand basic rights that were not being covered or even mentioned in the constitution. This bill introduced the first ten amendments to protect human rights from being violated.The declaration of rights of Virginia was a very influential role to write the Bill Of Rights of America.Major amendments Intoridec was freedom or speech & state rights.
  • Election of 1796

    Election of 1796
    This is the 2nd ever / 1st contest like presidential election on where John Adams (Federalist) runs vs Thomas Jefferson (Republican). George Washington No longer runs as he only wanted to serve for one term. John Adams a wins the election with 71 electoral votes and Thomas Jefferson becomes Vice President with 68 college votes, as the second place took the position. Sedition Act was something during this election on which banned anyone from miss talk/create a scandal over any government figure.
  • XYZ Afair

    XYZ Afair
    Three unknown French diplomats came to the united states and decided to try to bribe the United States diplomats to give them 250k in return from every diplomat to the Fench & requested to get a 10million US loan,along from an apology from Adam in return of these acts,the French would stop attacking any type of attacks on American ships.XYZ affair was caused because of the Jay Treaty.The unknown affair leads to the naval war between the American&French.Adam ended the affair with a conversation.
  • Jefferson Administration

    Jefferson Administration
    During the Jefferson (third president) Presidency, the government becomes reduced as the states become defenders of the liberty. Jefferson supports Agriculture and is mocked and personally attacked by many members of the Federalist party system.He was probably one of the most casual presidents. Jefferson wanted to reduce gov, pay off federal debt (as he did) as he had a major connection to the bank.The goal was to lower taxes and sell the western land, military cuts and rather rely on militias.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    The Louisiana purchase was something that was bought by Jefferson although he knew this was contradicting his goal of paying off the debt and of having a small limited government; he knew he would never be able to buy 827,00 sqm of land for $15 million from Napoleon.Jefferson wanted a nation of farmers and he knew that the only way to make that way happen wa to buy the land.Jefferson purchased the land for under 3 cents an acre he expanded the nation by double but also gains the Missisipi River.
  • Marbury V. Madison

    Marbury V. Madison
    This case important to American history becuase introduction to what we now know as judicial review. Supreme court is welcomed to the US government as someone that can decide if something is constitutional or not.William Marbury was a midnight judge an was also a justice figure in the Columbia District, James Madison was a theorist but also the secretary of state and would later become the fourth president in the future.Issue sent to court because Madison did not want to give Marbury commission.
  • 12TH Amendment

    12TH Amendment
    The 12th amendment is meant to let the people vote for a President and a Vice President in two separate ballots and no longer the second runner-up catch the Vice President spot. Although the Constitution did mention that the second runner-up would get the vice president spot but this act began to create problems between the people elected especially if they were running for opposite parties.The people still did not fully decide on who would get the vice president office but the college vote did.
  • Hamilton .VS. Burr

    Hamilton .VS. Burr
    This duel is very important to the federalist as it brings the death of their leader Alexander Hamilton. Duels were illegal at this time but peolpe still did them.A Duel is when 2 people stand hand by hand and shot 1shot at the time 1st hit looses.The deathly shot was caused for the reason that BUrr wife had, had affair with Hamilton and burr had found out about it.Burr was the best dueler in town,he knew he would win lets Hamilton shot 1ST he missed shot and burr hit Hamilton causing his death.
  • Embargo Act

    Embargo Act
    Embargo Act is a law that was provied by the Congress and signed by Thomas Jefferson that did not let for any Americans trade with any other ports. This Embargo had to be passed as they need to remain neutral in the battle that the British and French had going on since 1803 and the continuation of trading with both of the countries would bring major problems to the Americans. Both nations were trying to win over American help by passing laws that did not allow neutrality and British checkpoints.
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812
    James Madison was the president when war took place. Many Americans wanted war with the British because they keep messing with American trading ships we declare war with Britan. The war started by taking over British soil up north aka Canda & firing up the capital (1812-1813)we also block all American ports.In 1814 the British takes over D.C &burns the white house as revenge.Andrew Jackson becomes cool in the battle of New Orlands.Natives helped a lot.War ended up being a draw &resolved nothing.
  • Changes In Agriculture

    Changes In Agriculture
    The new technology introduced during this era for agriculture completely changes the game for slaves, plantation owners, and household owners. Tools like the Iron Plow, Crank Churns and Cotton Gin are introduced. Cotton Gin made for cotton picking slaves it makes for slaves as its easier and produces more. Gin is invented by Eli Whitney and it would clean out up to 50 pounds of cotton a day. Iron Plow helps planters breakdown soil and weeds. Crank Churns help create more butter in a short time.
  • Battle Of New Orleans

    Battle Of New Orleans
    This becomes the big spotlight moment for Andrew Jackson as he becomes cool within the Nation in this battle. This the last battle fought in the War of 1812 between Britain and The United States.Although the war was over at the time of the battle,due to the fact that a treaty to end the war was signed in Belgium in 12/234/1814. Jackson gathered militia,slaves,pirates,frontiers, & Indians to help with the battle.This gathering of people helped win against British making Jackson a household name.
  • Panic of 1819

    Panic of 1819
    This is the WORST economic depression that the starting nation faces. War of 1812 really brings a boom to the economy;and agriculture comes to a low rate at this time as the prices lower. Another huge impact to the economy was that many people began to gamble with the lands locate din the Frontieres. This depression creates a foundation for the upcoming democracy of Jackson. This demanded for the second Bank Of the United States to handle the leftover debt and the loans taken out becasue of war.
  • Southern Society

    Southern Society
    the south had three social classes that included Planters, Yeoman, and Tennent farmers. The PLANTERS were at the top of the social class and were a big part of the influence in society. Marriages in this level of wealth the marriages were arranged &wives run the household. YEOMEN were the percentage of people who would own plantation over 100 acres they often white families would work here 75% had slaves.Almost 50% of the population were TENANTS & they would basically rent from planters/yeoman.
  • Second Great Awakening

    Second Great Awakening
    The second Great Awakening was very meaningful as it settled the road to put stops and reforms in major events like Woman/ Abolitionist/Prison & Temperance movements.At this awakening, religious movements like Baptist and Methodist groups began to help with these movements.Transcendentalism is introduced on which helps society live a simple life that connects them with nature/imagination and their emotion.Grimke sisters are major Woman and Abolition advocates at this time. Local Eductaion rises.
  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise
    The Missouri compromised solved the issue over slavery in the Nation and helped on balancing out the slave and free states. hey came up with the 36-30 imaginary line that would divide whether the states was free or not free. They have 11 free states in the north and they had 11 slave states down in the southern part of the country. Missouri had requested to join the union as a slave state but this would throw off the balance between the states so they added Maine into the union as a free state.
  • Monroe Doctrine

    Monroe Doctrine
    At this time the Spain empire is coming down. James Monroe is the president and he demanded to reject any European colonization that which included the Western Hemisphere. This is a big influence point for America as they have gained many from the past eras of the nation. The doctrine was brought up by President Monroe during the seventh yearly message to the Congress. The Monroe Doctrine very important to British and U.S as they were scared that Spain would try to gain back any of the colonies.
  • Election of 1824

    Election of 1824
    John Quincy Adams was running against Andrew Jackson.This election is known as the corrupt bargain as many claimed that Adams had behind the scene help from the electoral votes because Henry Clay was helping throughout Adams election.He supported the National Bank,industry & improvements within but he did not know much about gov.Introduced the National University.Jackson had won the popular vote from the people;his introduced the Democratic party for Jackson side.Similar to the election of 2016.
  • Greek Revival in United States

    Greek Revival in United States
    The revival of Greek architecture took a rise in the eighteen hundreds. This come back in building structure lasted up to thirty years prior to the civil war. American architectors decided to be revived as they thought looked civilized,educated, & very exquisite.The many buildings that were being constructed during this time period you can see they are built with pillars and white like or actual white marble.A building like the Second United States Bank est 1816 you can see the Greek revival in.
  • Temperance Movemnet

    Temperance Movemnet
    Moms, WIfes, Daughters stood to the toxic effect liquor was doing to their households.They wanted to ban alcohol consumption as a whole because the males could not control their intake.Husbands,Dads,Brothers would mostly spend their day drinking alcohol this would cause them to leave their homes/jobs&increased crime affected the household. The woman &preachers were tired and wanted to put a stop,the movement was successful in the states with 6,000 groups were found here it shortly became global.
  • Southern Free Black Communities

    Southern Free Black Communities
    Cities like Baltimore, Richmond, New Orleans, Charleston, Memphis, MObile, and Natchez had free black communities for slaves. Influenced by Freedom Journal Free slaves would have the opportunity to have & find better economic & emotion relief opportunities in these locations of local help. Many blacks would earn their freedom by running away from plantations were born free, or were offsprings of the white planters.Slaves did have to carry their release papers or they would go into slavery again.
  • Election of 1828

    Election of 1828
    John Quincy Adams VS. Andrew Jackson after the corrupt bargain fo 1824 Jackson decided to run once again. Jackson had brand new strategies to try in this election that involved him to be much more humble, corner the military, show democratic values and turn it in the type of modern democratic party and gains the donkey mascot. Presidents start to throw personal attacks towards each other to bring down their presidency. Jackson takes a big win 17 states voting him in it began the common man era.
  • Jackson Presidency

    Jackson Presidency
    Jackson becomes the "People President" as he prioritizes the common man during his presidency. He was the son of a poor farmer but was able to overcome the situation but investing in Western Territory, & the general for Creek war and New Orleans also served his time as Senate and in HouseOfRepresenatives. His Inauguration was very rowdy as he invited everyone Jackson Wife dies in the Inauguration Creates the Spoil system, replaces burrency with his supporters. Fires the cabinet due to scandals.
  • Growing Cities

    Growing Cities
    The north began to expand rather fast during this era due to the fact of all the new factory jobs in cities being introduced. First ever Slums began to appear due to property around factories families would live in the poor areas and crowded building condition that had high crime rates. The priority working class began to peak as well as factory owners began to gain money from the profit being made at a cheap condition and price. Population increased and rural/ European migration boomed as well.
  • Mormons

    Believers of Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints founded by Joseph Smith.Claming that God and Jesus told him he was the chosen one to restore the Christian church and to go to the west of New York to find an angel that would gift him golden plates with unknown writing THAT HE WOULD ONLY UNDERSTAND. Claims he understood the writing&translates it to English & publishes The Book of Mormon. Religion get persecuted in Utah AKA KingdomOfGod so they move Illinois. They would practice Polygamy.
  • Nat Turner Rebellion

    Nat Turner Rebellion
    The rebellion took place in Southampton County, Virginia. This was an 48-hour slave rebellion started and was led by Nathanial "Nat" Turner. The event took place in Virginia a little after Missouri Compromise. The slaves began to attack and kill the owners of the plantations and their families. This was terrifying for the whites and got traumatized from the event that they would constantly fear another rebellion. The black Codes are created restricting the freedom and wages of African American.
  • Election 1832

    Election 1832
    The election was between Andrew Jackson running for the democratic party and Henry clay running for the Republican party. A third party is introduced to the election known as Anti-Masonic, this party was built on the belief of conspiracy theories. Many saw the political party as a cult Clay used the come up of the Bank of America to win the election on the other side Jackson hates the hate as it does not supports common man.Jackson majorly wins the election once again and vetos the bank renewal.
  • Whig party

    Whig party
    A political party led and founded by Henry Clay, made to run against Andrew Jackson and also the democratic party in goverment elections. Party was mostly made to support the defense of minority right and be againts slavery&they also accepted minorities.The party was a follow up to the federalist party back in Hamilton time as it also supported the idea of having a strong goverment to be able to fix nation problems.Party was predicted to be a success but lasted roughtly two decades from 1834-54.
  • New York Female Reform Society

    New York Female Reform Society
    NY Female Reform society was a community that was established by Lidya A. Finney to put a stop stop to the woman crime of prostitution. At this time period,Prostitution was the only way woman could get money as they were desperately in need,but this would put the ladies in very bad pathways.Goal was to hold back woman from going into prostitution & rather find them better job opportunities.A big focus was to also help woman already in prostitution by finding them jobs, support, & educating them.
  • Election Of 1836

    Election Of 1836
    This election was the start of the Whig political party. Marin Van Buren was running for the Democratic party meanwhile William Henry Harrison and the other 3 running mate were part of the Whig party. Martin Van Buren barely won the election versus the whigs party. Presidents burden was very popular whin in the west and east. As van Burden won the election he also inherited the bad economy left by Jackson.This caused the Panic of1837where the economy went down, gaining nick name Martin Van Ruin.
  • Trail Of Tears

    Trail Of Tears
    This is an event that accrued during Andrew Jackson Indian removal. His plan was to kick out any Indian tribe like the Cherokee Nation that lived east of Mississippi River.The Cherokee was ordered to migrate south to what we now know as Oklahoma this was a 1year event that took place from 1838-1839.Journey of the native Indians is called Trail of tears because of all the tragedies that happened to the natives in the journey from 4,000 out 15,000 died of disease, hunger, and very extreme fatigue.
  • Frederick Douglass Escapes

    Frederick Douglass Escapes
    Douglass was a runaway slave that was able to escape to Philadelphia with disguising as a sailor and sneaking into a train and boat. Unfortunately, Douglass was born into slavery after his mom had got pregnant with an unknown white. Mom died when he was young and Douglass was sent over to live with his grandma in a slave community. Frederick was not your common slave he was able to pick up some education while he lived in Baltimore. Successfully he escapes and becomes a abolitionist in New York.
  • Election Of 1840

    Election Of 1840
    The re-run of president Van Ruin who was part of the Democratic party against William Henry Harrison who was running for Whig Party.Harrison uses the same tactics that Jackson used to win his way into the white house.Whig party began the tactic of spreading rumors of Van Buren hoping for the rumors to back away votes from him especially to influence woman to h8 Buren & make their husband vote for Harrison. Harrison wins with a landslide but he tragically dies and VP John Tyler becomes president.
  • Communication in Industrialization

    Communication in Industrialization
    Telegraphs, Print invented and turned to be very popular throughout the states. This is also the greatest invention at the time as news, messages, and announcements were able to travel a lot quicker. Prior the telegraph and cheap print the Americans would have to get their message across with a horse messenger & this would take around a week to get feedback back.Telegraph had information quick all because of morse code and telegraphic wires.Printing became cheap increasing books,news,pics & ads.
  • Manifest Destiny

    Manifest Destiny
    The Manifest Destiny is the religious belief that the united states had to spread down to the Pacific ocean(Oregon).President James K. Polk was the one that took most time during the progress during Manifest Dinesty.At this time event they still wanted to get rid of the native Americans so then they could keep the land.Southern people wanted to expand slavery up to the west;this leads up to the outburst of the civil war years later.After 5-6months people arrive to Oregon Completing move up west.
  • Gone To Texas YeE hAw

    Gone To Texas YeE hAw
    Southern Americans begin to migrate to Texas by taking a trail through Mississippi for the land grants advantages bc Mexican government let them settle down in Texas soil with 4 conditions. The conditions included 1) Convert into Catholics 2) Become Mexican Citizens 3) Learn how to speak Spanish and the hardest condition of all which was 4) get rid of their Slaves. Whtes begin to outnumber the Mexicans and Texas has around 30,000 southern settlers by the end. American urge to own Texas was high.
  • Texas Annexation

    Texas Annexation
    The goal for James K Polk was to Anexx into the United States and luckily for him, the state of Texas got annexed right before the inauguration of Polk. Texas became the twenty-eighth state to join the union. Once again the question of whether the state would be a slave state or not came up to table. Texas went in as a slave state as they were needed for the plantations located within TX. Annexation from Texas triggered the effect to start the Mexican American War in 1846 between Mexico&America.
  • Mexican American War

    Mexican American War
    President Polk desired to have California & New Mexico to be able to complete Manifest Destiny causing the war with the first disagreement being on where the Mexican&Texas border would be located.Mexican believe that it should be settled in Nueces River meanwhile the US thought the RioGrande would be better. Mexican army threw1stbullet toward the US army starting a 2year war. War ended with TreatyOfGuadalupeHidalgo Mexican make RioGrande the border&sales Cali&NM for$15Klosing1/2of Mex territory.
  • Bear Flag Revolt

    Bear Flag Revolt
    A revolt started in Santa Fe / Fort Devenworth, California caused by Americans declaring their independence from the Mexican government. They no longer wanted to be part of Mexico so the settlers revolted to see if they could get out. Luckily for them, the United States began to use the Californian territory to fight the Mex/ American War and became their own republic for a while they were later introduced into the U.S union 4 years later. The bear Flag used during the revolt is today Cali Flag.
  • Wilmot Proviso

    Wilmot Proviso
    Wilmot Proviso was a document that proposed for the new incoming states that were given by the Mexican due to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo to not come in as slave states. The proposal was created by David Wilmot to stop slavery from spreading but the bad luck of David the proviso was never actually passed by either of the houses of congresses. Political parties like the Democrats and whig did not agree with the proposal, but at this time Republican Party supports the idea that proviso gives.
  • Californian Gold Rush

    Californian Gold Rush
    Gold is being found in California from January 24 1848 - 1855 this causes for a large wave of people to migrate over to California. The people migrate for the hunger of becoming first-class citizens overnight with the golf they find. Gold is very easy to find, miners begin to mine in 1852 in the hope to find golden nuggets and support large industries. Chinese began to migrate to California at this time and were forced to work in worse mines. Slavery becomes a big hit in the state of california.
  • Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo

    Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    Treaty Of Hidalgo ended the two-year war between Mexico and America after the Mexican surrounded. The treaty gave 525,000 sq miles of land that help the idea of Magnets Destiny. Mexico signs rights to the modern states of Arizona,Nevada,New Mexico, Utah,California,Colorado & Wyoming; this gave up half of the Mexican territory. This also settled the border between Mexico and America, RioGrande became the border. U.S signed to pay 15mil back to Mexico for territory/dropped claims against Mexicans.
  • Seneca Falls Convention

    Seneca Falls Convention
    This was a moment that was reaching out to Woman rights hosted in Seneca, New York. Convention was beginning because women realized they wanted the same rights as men.Ladies demanded religious/civil and social rights from the government and society.The convention lasted two days on the 1stday only woman were allowed to attend as they wanted to share their ideas within their selves,on the 2ndDay men where allowed to attend.Nearly 300people showed up.Convention led to woman voting 7 decades later.
  • Under Ground Railroads

    Under Ground Railroads
    The underground railroad was the light at the end of tunnel for slaves that had the desire to escape.This was a plan created by the northern abolitionist in the hope to get as many slaves into the northern free states & sometimes even moving them up to Canada.From the time spand of 1830-1960 it helped 100k slaves escape by hiding in farms/house and not actually underground trains but tunnels between the trail of freedom.Harriet Tubman hero as she ran 30 trips back&forth saving around 5k slaves.
  • Fugitive Slave Act of 1850

    Fugitive Slave Act of 1850
    Fugitive SLave Act dealt with any slaves that had run away from their plantation. The more like of a law demanded people to look out for the specific males,females,&children that had gotten away and return them back to their master.This act made it legal to catch or even kidnap slaves and punish the slaves for running away by making them go to prison for 6 months and or pay$1,000.Free slaves were sometimes captured and sent back.People were hired to find the slaves & would get paid between$5-10.
  • Bleeding Kansas

    Bleeding Kansas
    Shortly after the Kansas-Nebraska Act, abolitionist began to worry for slavery spreading out the west as now popular soverty was now the way to chose whether the state was free or not. Protestants like John Brown(extreme abolitionist)fought against the pro-slave state representatives,so they could try to stop the spread of slavery.The try to influence Kansas from being pro-slave/free caused great violence to form through both sides wanting to win over Kansas. This events predicts the Civil WAr.
  • Kansas Nebraska Act

    Kansas Nebraska Act
    At this time period, the Southern states are afraid of the slave free states; as the southerners wanted to get rid of the Missouri Compromise.This Act gave the rights to both Kansas & Nebraska if they wanted to go in the union as a slave or free state. This throws the Missouri Compromise&rather replaces the 36/30 line with popular poverty which allows for each state to side on being free or slave. The act is proposed by Stephen A Douglas&wins the vote to be passed & introduces violent crime era.
  • Election of 1860

    Election of 1860
    This election is probably one of the most crucial elections in the United States History as there are very important events like the split of the union, States, and slavery on the line.There was a total of 4 political parties running Abraham Lincon (R)Stephen Douglas(D) John Breckinridge (SD) and John Bell (CU).Abraham Lincon won the election with 140 electoral votes but he had not received the popular vote.Lincoln Win upset many in south, & treat to leave the union and become their own country.
  • Woman At Work

    Woman At Work
    The civil war gave a new social role to the woman as they no longer were expected to wait around for the one or be responsible for the household. Woman begin careers in education, medicine, agriculture, government. The union and confederacy hired the woman to be spies other women go into the war dressed up as males, enlisting with a male like name.Others become Nurses on the battlefield and help doctors by taking care of the injured soldiers they also fabricate Uniforms and Boots for Union army.
  • Confederate State of America

    Confederate State of America
    The southern states declared their independence from the union after getting upset on the overpowering win of Lincoln in the election of 1860.South Carolina is the first state that leaves the union on 1860 after that states like Mississippi,Florida,Alabama,Louisiana, and Georgia meet up Texas & create the Confederacy of the US.Jefferson Davis becomes the president of the Confederacy and they create a constitution that protects the keeping of slavery.This starts the Civil War,UnionVSConfederacy.
  • North Before the War

    North Before the War
    Northern aka the Union was under the presidency of Lincoln. It had a population of 22 million settlers It relied on Railroads,Industrialization, and Protected slaves. The insudtry here was of 1.5 Billion, 97% weapon,94% clothing,90%shoes & boot were manufactured here by over 100k factories. They had around 30,000 miles of railroad tracks.Up to 75,000 people are recruited for the civil war & that would include the Freeman located in the North.and they have $330 million financial start to the war.
  • South Before The War

    South Before The War
    The Confederacy States in the south go into war with a small percentage of winning.They have a population of 9 million but 4million of the population is made up my slaves, this results to the south not having many listing soldiers.Their industrialization level is low as they mainly focus on crops,this affects their weapon production as they only have3%of weapons produced here.But one thing they don't lack is Military leadership general UlyssesS.Grant leads the War with100Kdisorganized soldiers.
  • The Battle Of Bull Run

    The Battle Of Bull Run
    This is the first major battle of the civil war many of the union armies thought this would be an easy battle. Commanders in battle were General JosephE.Johnson & PGT Beauregard for Confederacy for Union General Robert Patterson&Irving McDowell.At the begging of the battle,the union believed they would win that they had a viewing audience they did not know their plan was too simple to defeat.Confederate won the battle living the union in total humiliation.This battle showed both side it be long.
  • Battle Of Antietam

    Battle Of Antietam
    The battle of Antietam was divided into three phases a Morning Phase, MIdday Phase, Afternoon Phase.The first part of the battle is during morning phase & it's on the north part of town the union attacks the confederate. Midway Phase had many deaths in a sunken road, this is known as the Bloody Lane.The Afternoon Phase took place in the south and takes place on a bridge and it got the nickname "Burnside bridge".No one won the battle the union win led to Emancipation Proclamation regarding slave.
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    Emancipation Proclamation
    This the famous order made by Abraham Lincoln To free the slaves that were located in the south that were not in control of the union. Around fifty thousand out of four million slaves were freed.At the time passed more slaves were free and in the upcoming years,all slaves become a freeman.Any the freeman was allowed to fight in the Union army during the civil war they were fighting for a reason with the union &it was to end slavery.Emancipation helped Union gain allied like France& Great Brittan
  • Freedom Amendments

    Freedom Amendments
    The freedom amendments were created for the people of the color to protect their rights. This includes 3 amendments, amendment 13, 14 and 15. The 13 amendment is created to abolish slavery in the United States passed by Radical Republicans and Lincoln on 1/31/1865. Amendment 14 guarantees Citizenship to anyone that is born in the United States many southern states did not respect this amendment. 15 amendment gives the universa suffrage (vote) for African Americans woman wanted Suffrage as well.
  • Freeman Bureau

    Freeman Bureau
    Freeman Bureau was a federal group created shortly before the civil war ended intended to help and also protect the freeman from having a smooth transition from being a slave to now being a freeman.They established Schools to teach how to write and read, searched for jobs,provided food and shelter for the 4 million slaves freed.Bureau did not only help Freeman but also poor whites with jobs. President Lincoln & abolitionist supported,south(KKK)did not support Bureau.This lasts 4 years till 1869.
  • Abraham Lincoln Assassination

    Abraham Lincoln Assassination
    Five days after the Appomattox Cortex and the civil war coming to a end president Abraham Lincoln is assassinated in the Ford Theater. Lincoln watches "Our American Cousin" with Marry Todd Lincoln (wife), friends Henry Rathbone, and Clara Harris in the Presidential Box. Suddenly Theater employee John Wikes Born shoots Lincoln in the back of his head.Lincoln was not the only target both the Secretary of state & Vice President were going to get killed but never were. Lincoln Dies on April 15,1865.
  • Ku Klux Klan

    Ku Klux Klan
    The Ku Klux Klan was a secret society founded by the old confederate people in Pulaski, Tennesse. This was a group of people that rapidly grew and spread within the south. The main goal of the Ku Klux Klan was to bring back white supremacy into the UNites states.They would terrorize African Americans in the nighttime by assaulting, murder them by hanging, influence political parties, destroy their property.KKK comes to an end in 1882 after being declared as unconstitutional returns in 1950-60's.
  • Midterm Election of 1866

    Midterm Election of 1866
    Although this was not a presidential election this was a midterm election that covered the question of who would be in charge of reconstruction congress or the president. This is the first election on which every male is able to vote in.People voted for Congress to lead reconstruction, the plan was to divide military into 5parts. President Andrew Johnson is impeached by the Congress at this time period he has only lasted around a year in office,President Johnson is the first one to be impeached.
  • Black Codes

    Black Codes
    The black codes were just a cover-up name for the south to bring back slavery into the nation and restrict African Americans across the south. Thes code limited the civil rights that the freeman had gained after the civil war.Restrictions included not being to carry a weapon,mary any whites,serve injuries or to even own land, & were not able to travel without the permit that showed that they were free.Freeman accused of this would be put in jail or would work for the plantations as a punishment.
  • Economic Boom

    Economic Boom
    The economy shoots up during reconstruction.Industrialization becomes the key to boost up the economy and take away financial problems. Many people begin to invest & open up business during this time as the economy is very stable.Northern states invest in the south for low taxes textiles increase near1900&produce iron & steal.Many blacks and poor whites find a working area as many looked for low skill labor so they could pay them at a low rate.The stereotype of Backward is applied in the south.
  • Trying To stop The Black Vote

    Trying To stop The Black Vote
    Americans did not feel fully comfortable with African Americans being allowed to vote as they felt this would throw off the national leaders. Become violent toward blacks showing up to the polls this act does not turn away the voters so Americans looking for a new way.Poll taxes created you must pay a fee to vote turn away some AA&poor whites.Begin to test for literacy before voting some AA still pass.Law that if a grandfather was able to vote so could you this took away almost all black voters.
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    Colonial America To 1763

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    The Revolutionary Era

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    The Age Of Jefferson

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