13. Washington & Adams Administrations

  • Inauguration of George Washington

    Inauguration of George Washington
    George Washington was sworn in as the first president of America. All of the sixty-nine electors had voted for him. He chose Thomas Jefferson as secretary of state, Alexander Hamilton as secretary of treasury, Henry Knox as secretary of war, and Edmund Randolph as attorney general.
  • Establishment of the Department of Foreign Affairs

    Congress established the Department of Foreign Affairs, now known as the Department of State. When Washington signed it into a law on this day, it became the first Federal agency to be created under the new Constitution.
  • The Judiciary Act

    This had the Supreme Court now be composed of six judges, including a Chief Justice and five associate justices. Congress also established 13 district courts and 3 circuit courts. Washington appointed John Jay to serve as the first Chief Justice.
  • The First National Census

    It recorded a total of 3,929,214 people.
  • The First Bank of the United States

    Congress established the First Bank of the United States thanks to Alexander Hamilton. It was organized to provide a safe depository for federal funds received as taxes, make it easier for the government and private individuals to borrow money, and create a uniform and stable currency throughout the country through the issuance of paper money.
  • The Bill of Rights

  • The United States Mint

    The United States Mint was built in Philidelphia. Hamilton proposed this as part of his coinage system that would replace many different foreign coins then in circulation.
  • George Washington Re-elected

    The Electoral College ballots were counted and Washington beat out his opponent, John Adams.
  • The Neutrality Proclamation

    Washington issued this to keep the United States out of the war between France and Great Britain.
  • The 11th Ammendment

    This limited the power of the federal courts.
  • The Jay Treaty

    Washington signed this treaty, maintaining trade with Great Britain.
  • Inauguration of John Adams

    Adams won by a narrow margin over his opponent, Thomas Jefferson. He chose Timothy Pickering as the Secretary of State, Oliver Wolcott, Jr. as the Secretary of the Treasury, James McHenry as the Secretary of War, Charles Lee as the Attorney General, and Benjamin Stoddert as the Secretary of the Navy.
  • The Department of Navy

    Congress authorized the creation of a Naval Department to help prepare the United States for a war with France.
  • Period: to

    The Alien and Sedition Acts

    They raised the residence requirement for citizenship from 5 to 14 years, empowered the President to imprison or deport any alien considered dangerous to the nation's peace and safety, and made it a crime for any person to publicly criticize the government or its officials.
  • The Establishment of the Library of Congress