13 Colonies

By cmathis
  • Virginia stonewall Jackson R.I.P

    Virginia stonewall Jackson R.I.P
    The Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson was a general and his arm was given a proper burial complete with a head stone.
  • New york empire state building

    New york empire state building
    The Empire state building was built for blimps and then the Hidensburg exploded the blimps were regulated.
  • Massachusetts the first

    Massachusetts the first
    Massachusetts had the first volleyball game,Dunkin donuts,Christmas card,public park,public library and many more first.
  • Rhode Island--WORLD SERIES

    Rhode Island--WORLD SERIES
    Not exactly but they still won the championship in 1884
  • New Jersey gas

    New Jersey gas
    In 1949,New Jersey bans people to get their own gas because they thought it was dangerous.So they got the people who work at the gas station to pump it for the people.
  • Georgia the peanut state

    Georgia the peanut state
    Georgia usually is known for their peaches but they also grow lots of peanuts and pecans.Jimmy Carter was actually a peanut farmer.
  • Delaware faceless leader

    Delaware faceless leader
    Caesar Rodney had severe facial cancer so he kept his face covered in a green cloth.But that never stop him from making a 80 mile horseback trip just in time to sign the decleration of independence
  • Pennsylvania Quakers

    Pennsylvania Quakers
    Pennsylvania Quakers used to be put in jail because their religious beliefs.Some were even killed for it.Pennsylvania's founder was William Penn
  • Maryland pulled one on the redcoats

    Maryland pulled one on the redcoats
    During a war Maryland fooled British by hosting lamps into boats.And only one house was struck known as the Cannonball House.
  • Conneciticut is home to the Battle of the Frogs

    Conneciticut is home to the Battle of the Frogs
    The batttle of the frogs was a terrible drought,they thought they were under attack from the natives so they got armed and "CHARGED".But it turns out it was frogs fighting for the last bit of the pond so it was the "Battle of the Frogs".