Sabina South African Revolution

By 15smiah
  • Battle of Boomplaats

    Battle of Boomplaats
    This was a battle between the Boers (Dutch speaking settlers in South Afica) and the British, The British were victorious sice there were only 300 Boers and 1,200 British troops fighting because the British just started "ruling" a part of South Africa without consulting with the Boers.
  • The Boer War

    The Boer War
    This war was between the British and the Boer, fighting for South Africa. Britain wanted to enslave South Africa and use the South Aficans to produce products to sell using South Africa's raw materials, while the Boer was fighting for there freedom, protested before and want their country to be free.
  • Battle of Bronkhorst Spruit

    Battle of Bronkhorst Spruit
    259 strong British soldiers was under Colonel Anstruther and was ambushed by 150 mounted Boers under Joubert, and defeated with of 155 killed and hurt. The Boers lost 2 men and only 5 were hurt.
  • Battle of Lang's Nek

    Battle of Lang's Nek
    Fought January 28, 1881, 1,100 strong British soldiers were under General Colley, attacked the Boers in a strong position at Lang's Nek. 198 British soldiers were killed and lost. The Boers lost 14 killed and 27 were hurt.
  • Battle of Ingogo

    Battle of Ingogo
    Fought February 8, 1881 when a small British column, consisting of 5 companies of infantry, 4 guns, and a small mounted force, attacked the Boer position, and were repulsed with a loss of 139 killed and wounded. The Boers admitted a loss of 14 only.
  • Battle of Majuba

    Battle of Majuba
    Fought February 27, 1881, 647 strong British soldiers under Sir George Colley, posted on the summit of Majuba Hill, was attacked and driven off by the Boers under General Joubert. The casualties amounted to 223 killed and wounded with Britain finally giving up peacefully, both agreeing with peace.