Unwind Period 5

  • Connor

    Connor gets into trouble at school and his grades are poor. He finds out he is going to be sent to get unwound. “There are places that you can go. … This is just a really bad time for me.” - Ariana
  • Risa

    Risa is a state ward who isn't considered "good enough" at piano to be worth keeping alive. She finds out she is going to be sent to be unwound. “It’s a fine place,…It’s our facility of choice… in fact, my own nephew was unwound there.” - Social Worker
  • Lev

    Lev is a tithe: a child raised to believe that their sole purpose for life is to be an unwind. He is looking forward to being unwound. “hey mom we’re lucky that you had 10 kids instead of 5, otherwise we’d be having to cut Lev off at the waist!” - Marcus
  • First Meeting

    First Meeting
    Connor takes Lev, planning on using him as a hostage, in order to get to safety. He causes a bus to crash, saving Risa. Risa is grateful to Connor but doesn't fully trust him. However, Lev is angry that Connor took him. “it’s because of the baby. Because of the way it wails. This is not the same baby! Connor tells himself. Don’t be stupid. Not now! …But to him it will always be the same baby.” - Connor
  • Betrayal

    Risa, Connor, and Lev hide in a school bathroom. Lev runs away and betrays them to some cops. A teacher named Hannah helps Connor and Risa escape. She gives them to an old lady, Sonia, who helps to hide them in her antique shop. “HELP IAM BEING HELD HOSTAGE BY TWO AWOL UNWINDS. NOD IF YOU UNDERSTAND…” - Lev
  • Roland, Mai, and Hayden

    Roland, Mai, and Hayden
    Connor and Risa meet Roland, Mai, and Hayden for the first time. These are the kids they will be spending the next four days in Sonia's basement with. “It’s not a cat, it won’t lick milk out of a bowl.” - Connor
  • Period: to


    Connor, Risa, Roland, and other unwinds are feried around untill they reach an airport. “Sometimes I like having dessert before dinner. How about you?… Let’s call this lesson one.” - Roland
  • Arrival

    Connor and Risa arrive at the airplane junkyard where Roland is busy manipulating the other unwinds. "I heard that 5 people suffocated" - Unwind gossiper
  • The Boss

    The Boss
    The Admiral runs the place and expect everyone to do their fair share. "My rule is the law" - Admiral
  • Who done it !?!

    Who done it !?!
    Some one killed the Goldens (the admirals selected group of unwinds who govern the junkyard) and nobody knows who. Roland uses this opportunity to spread rumors about the admiral. "I know who it is" - Connor
  • Cult for Lev???

    Cult for Lev???
    Lev joins a cult that is bent on creating as much chaos as possible. Led by Cleaver this group includes Mai, Blaine, and Lev. “Causes are old news. We believe in randomness. Earthquakes! Tornados! We believe in forces of nature-and we are forces of nature. We are havoc. We’re chaos. We mess with the world.” - Cleaver
  • Mob

    A mob (angry with the Admiral because they suspect him for unwinding the other unwind escapees) tears up his plane with the intention of killing him. "Tearing the plane piece by piece [with fury]" - Observation by Risa
  • Heart-Attack

    The mob traps the admiral inside his extreemly hot Air-force one Jet without electricity, where he has a heart attack. "You monsters" - Connor
  • Medic

    Because the mob killed Cleaver, Connor had Roland transport the admiral to a hospital by way of helicopter. "You know that his chances of surviving will be very low?" - Nurse
  • Betrayal yet again

    Betrayal yet again
    Roland turns himself, Connor, and Risa in to the police (even with the knowlege that he to will be unwound) “I’m curious, why would you turn in the other two kids when it means turning yourself in as well?” - Juvey Cop
  • Harvest time

    Harvest time
    Connor, Risa, and Roland were sent to a harvest camp, to be unwound, where they discover that Lev is somehow with them. “Your like the king of the unwinds here… but watch out guys like you get unwound really fast.” - Dalton
  • It all comes around in the end

    It all comes around in the end
    Roland is unwound. “You’ll fell a slight tingle in your scalp … it’s nothing to worry about.” - Surgeon
    “Three hours, nineteen minutes” - Surgeon
  • Clappers

    The clappers detonate themselves at the harvest camp. Lev can't bring himself to do it. "You were the clapper that didn't clap" - Connor
  • Who am I?

    Who am I?
    Connor recieves the identity of a guard who died in the explosions. “Then my name is [Elvis]E. Robert Mullard.” - Connor
    “Well parts often come with their own personalities.” - Nurse
  • End results

    End results
    Connor takes the place of the admiral. Risa is his wife, and she is paralyzed from the waist down. “Purgatory … Also known as Arizona” - Hayden
    “Let me be the first to welcome you all to the graveyard.” – Connor
  • Humphree-Dumphree

    The admiral and his wife really have been collecting their sons parts, just not in pieces. He has every person who recieved a part from his son living at his house. They each have a part of his memories and complete each others sentances.
    “Harlan… welcome home” - Admiral