Nayla Henderson

  • 200

    Paelo Indians

    Paelo indains are the first to arrive in Tennessee
  • 300

    Archaic Indians

    Archaic Indians arrive in Tennessee
  • Mar 28, 750

    Woodland Indians

    Woodland indians arrive in Tennessee
  • Mar 29, 1000

    Mississippian Indians

    Mississippian Indians arrive in Tennessee
  • Mar 28, 1492

    Columbus arrive in America

    in his attempt to reach China, Columbus arrive in the Americas, and establishes a claim to the New world for Span
  • Mar 28, 1540

    De Soto Arrives in Tennessee

    Hernado De Soto arrives in Tennessee as he explores North America for Spain
  • Mar 28, 1542

    De Soto Dies

    Hernado Desoto dies near the modern day city of Memphis, Tennnesssee and is buried by his men in the Mississippi river
  • Spanish Arnmada is defeated

    the defeat of the Spanish Armada allows the Fench and English to begin settlement in the new world.
  • James town is Established

    The British established their first settlement in the New world at James town Virigina.
  • First Englishmen in Tennesssee

    The first Englishmen visit Tennesssee and befriend the Cherokee indians for the first time.
  • La Salle Arrives for the French

    La Salle builds a fort for the French near the modern day city of Memphis ,Tennessee
  • French trade at french lick

    The French establish a trading post at a plce they name ''French Lick'' near the modern day city of Nashville
  • French And Indian war Begins

    The Cherokee side with the British agaisnt the French
  • Ft.Loudoun Built by British

    The British build Fort Loudoun in what is today eastern Tennessee
  • Cherokee and British conflict

    The Cherokee and British become enemies
  • French and Indian War ends

    The british with the french and Indian war, and it ends with the singing of the Treaty of paris
  • Proclamation Line

    The British king George 3 establishes the Proclamation Line, which is an attempt to keep the land of the various Indian groups out of the hands of the American colonists.
  • Treaty of Ft. Stanwix

    The British buy the iroqouis Indians' claim to the land that is now the states of Kentucky and Tennessee, opening it up to white settlement
  • Wataugua Settlement

    Wataugua becomes the first white settlement in what is today the state of Tennessee, and was started by William Bean
  • Cherokee in Revolunitonary & Revolution

    The Creek Indians help the Americans during the war for independence
  • Tecumseh

    Tecumseh leads the Shawnee agasint the Americans in the War of 1812
  • Battle of Horsehoe Band

    Andrew Jackson, with the help of the Cherokee, and White stick Creek Indians defeats the Red Stick Indaians (allied with England) at the Battle of HorseShoe Bend
  • Trail of Tears

    After Congress passes the Indian Removal Act, thousands of Native Americans are forced to move west of the Mississippi River.