william lewis

  • 200

    13000 b.c.

    paleo indians arrive in tennessee
  • 300

    6000 b.c.

    archaic indians arrive in tennessee
  • Mar 25, 750

    750 b.c

    woodland indians arrive in tennessee
  • Mar 25, 1000


    mississippians indians arrive in tennessee
  • Mar 25, 1492

    colombus arrives

    sailed to spain in discovered the new world
  • Mar 25, 1540

    de soto

    arrives in tennessee
  • Mar 25, 1542

    de soto

    de soto dies year in mephis
  • james oglet horre

    james oglet horre found georgia
  • french and indian war begins

    the cherokee side with the british against the french
  • french and indian war ends

    the british win the french and indain war, and it ends with the signing of the treaty of paris
  • william bean and his party

    william bean and his party cleared land fn tn.countey duling the fall
  • c1770

    the long huters arrives in tennessee
  • wildelness road

    almost 200,000 people went on wildlness road
  • tn became a state

    tn became a state in rolvulation
  • shawnee

    shawnee red creek fought the brittion
  • tecumseh

    tecumseh leads the shawnee againts the americans in the war of 1812
  • 5 civilized

    tribes of indian sent weston trail of tears