Enders Game

Timeline created by zclemenson
  • It begins

    The IF commisions Enders parents to have a third child to get the best of two oppisite children (Valentine and Peter)
  • Period: to

    Enders Life

  • The Moniter

    Ender rcieves the Moniter
  • Ender loses the Moniter

  • Enders confrontaions

    Ender gets in a fight with stilson and Peter is happy about Ender not making it into the IF
  • Period: to

    Battle School

  • Ender Leaves For Battle School

    Graff comes to pick up ender
  • Ender is a launchie

  • Ender joins Salamander

  • Enders First Battle

  • Traded to Rat

  • Traded to Pheonix

  • Toon Leader

  • Dragon Army

  • Bonzo

    Ender fights Bonzo
  • Ender Graduates

  • Period: to

    Prep for Command School

  • Ender goes to Command School

  • Period: to

    Command School

  • Ender starts the sim

  • Ender wins the War

  • Ender cant go back to earth

  • Period: to

    Governer of the Colonies

  • Ender is Governer of the Colonies

  • Ender finds the Queen

  • Period: to

    Ender travels to find new planets