westward expasion timeline

By mdiaz96
  • navagation of the mississippi

    navagation of the mississippi
    Spain And Britain people were albe to make a treaty and let them move west.
  • War

    Tripoli declares war on the united states.
  • Jefferson.

    Mr. Jefferson was elected the president of the U.S.A
  • Louisiana

    louisiana purchase is made.
  • Europe's

    Napoleonic wars rusume after brief peace.
  • Livingstone

    napolean called livingstone over so he could offer him louisiana.
  • the Purchise.

    This is when livingstone decded to buy louisiana
  • Land Expanded

    The Treaty got expanded down from the golf of mexico into the south to repert's land.
  • France.

    France Finally turned new orleans over.
  • The Ceremony

    A Formal Ceremony was hosted to transfer ownershipps from france to the united states.
  • Jefferson

    Jefferson is reelected. Lewis andClark expedition begins
  • British

    British win at trafalgar. french win at auterlitz.
  • Act

    Embargo act is passed,
  • Hawaiian

    hawaiian islands are unifided by king kamehmeha the great.
  • Battle

    Battle of tippecanoe is fought.
  • Warr

    War of 1812 begins
  • Napoleon

    Napoleon is defeated and exiled elba
  • Attack

    British Attack washigton, D.C
  • New orleans

    Battle of new orleans is fought
  • He returns

    Nappoleon returns and is defeated at waterloo.
  • James Madison

    James Madison is elected preseident.