My Lusterous Career path

  • Domino's Pizza Maker

    Domino's Pizza Maker
    One of my first jobs as a proud Domino's Pizza "Chef"...I even learned how to toss dogh like a pro... Avoid the Noid!
  • Back Office Manager at Bellport Travel Inc.

    Back Office Manager at Bellport Travel Inc.
    This was a fun one..19 years old and I had my own office and secretary..all the other employees hated me...whatev!
  • TGIFridays

    OK...This realy was fun...waiting tables and bartending wasn't exactly a career, but it was definately a good time for about 7 years (on and off). was cool except for the FLARE of course!
  • John Hancock Financial Services

    John Hancock Financial Services
    Ugh!!!! Selling Insurance and Annuities....cold calls and cubicles!

    This as supposed to be it..High FASHION didn't quite pan out, but I made (almost) a living at it for a pretty good run...about 8 years or so.
  • Carpenter...yes, me a carpenter

    Carpenter...yes, me a carpenter
    did this for a few years to supplement my waning photo biz.
  • Teacher- South Bronx HS

    Teacher- South Bronx HS
    My first teaching gig in the South Bronx
  • Finally made my way to Floyd

    Finally made my way to Floyd