History of Silver(Metal)

  • 500

    in 500 BC,

    the Athenians found an enormous silver mine right near Athens on government land. The mine was used to pay to build Athens first navy and helped Athens become a power city-state.
  • Mar 17, 700

    700 BC

    Mesopotamian merchants used silver as a medium of exchange,
  • Mar 17, 1546


    Peru and Mexico are big silver producing mines since 1546
  • 1859

    The richest silver deposit was discovered in America.
  • 1920s

    Silver’s also used for solutions as antibacterial agents,
  • 1939

    the a better method of photography was created called the daguerreotype, he used silver in it to coat it in iodine creating the surface to be sensitive to light, the image was then exposed, and then the plate was bathed in a solution of silver chloride creating an image. Silver was used often in photography
  • 1945

    An man named Diego Gualpa discovered the five great seams of silver
  • 1972

    silver assumed a key role in the US monetary system, where congress based the currency on the silver dollar, it was used as the coins but was discontinued in 1965.
  • 980 AD

    The first medical use of silver was recorded by a Romanian man who used silver as a blood purifier. It was then used as silverare, utensils, and coinage.
  • 3400 BC

    Archaeologists found silver objects dating from 3400 BC in Egypt first.
  • 5000 BC

    Silver jewellry has been around since the 5000 BC and is being used by many generations form then on.