Tyia's Timeline

By Tyia
  • John Adams was elected president

    John Adams was elected president
    He served only one term as President after serving two terms as George Washington's Vice-President (1789-1797). Adams was succeed by Thomas Jefferson.
  • Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions

    The legislatures argued that the Alien and Sedition Acts were unconstitiutional and therefore void, and in doing so, they argued for states' rights and strict constructionism of the Constitution.
  • US Presidential Election of 1800 (Revolution of 1800)

    To rectify the flaw in the original presidential election mechanism, the Twelfth Amendment, ratified in 1804, was added to the United States Constitution, stipulating that electors make a discrete choice between their selections for President and Vice President.
  • Embargo Act of 1807

    This act was an American law that restricted American ships from engaging in foreign trade between the years of 1807 and 1812. This act was passed by Thomas Jefferson.
  • War of 1812

    A military conflict fought between the forces of the United States of America and those of the British Empire.[nb 2] The Americans declared war in 1812 for a number of reasons, including a desire for expansion into the Northwest Territory, trade restrictions because of Britain's ongoing war with France, impressment of American merchant sailors into the Royal Navy, British support of American Indian tribes against American expansion, and the humiliation of American honour.
  • Fourteen Points speech is given

    Fourteen Points speech is given
    In this speech Woodrow Wilson established the basis of a peace treaty and the foundation of a League of Nations.