Night by Elie Wiesel

By kyleb
  • Birth

    Eliezer was born in Transylvania, Romania
  • Nazis arrive

    Nazis arrive
    Nazis arrive in Eliezer's town just outside of Transylvania, Romania and take him and his family away, along with everyone's valuables.
  • Kaschau

    A couple days after leaving their home, they stopped briefly in Kaschau. There were eighty people to every section of the train with little bread and water.
  • Birkenau

    After about ten days of traveling in a crowded cattle car, the families arrived in Birkenau, Poland. The men were separated into ranks, and luckily Eliezer and his father stayed together.
  • Auschwitz

    The men and women were forced to split up, the men moved to a concentration camp in Auschwitz. Eliezer was tatooed with A-7713 on his arm, which would be the way the Nazis refered to him from then on. They spent about three weeks in Auschwitz.
  • Buna

    Eliezer and his father marched to Buna in the freezing cold and snow. Eliezer had surgery on his foot a few days before the march, which made it very difficult to walk. When they finally reached Buna, they stayed for only a night and then moved on.
  • Gleiwitz

    After sucessfully marching to Buna, they then marched to Gleiwitz where they stayed for three days. The three days spent there were filled with hunger, thirst, and small rations of food.
  • Buchenwald

    From Gleiwitz, the men were moved into trains, with about one hundred men in each car. Every couple days the train stopped at open fields to throw out the dead to provide more room for the rest. After the first day on the train they recieved no food, and they lived off of snow. By the time they reached their destination in Buchenwald, there were only twelve men left out of the hundred.
  • Death of Eliezer's Father

    Death of Eliezer's Father
    With every day that passed in Buchenwald, Eliezer's Father became weaker and weaker. He finally died from a sickness that the doctor could do nothing about. Eliezer was crushed from his father's death and from then on nothing mattered to him.
  • Free Man

    Free Man
    The US rescued all the Jewish people and Eliezer was free.