Timeline of Indian Independence Movement

By ad47
  • Period: to

    sepoy rebellion

    This started the independence movement of India.
  • economic nationalism

    economic nationalism
    National factories are set up to promote local goods.
  • Swadeshi andolan (Movement for national goods)

    Swadeshi andolan (Movement for national goods)
    British governmen had imposed heavy taxes on local goods with an amie to encourage goods manufactured abroad and destabilize local industries. Swadeshi Andolan was launched to boycott foreign goods and popularize Indian manufactured items like cotton yarn, hand spun Khadi (hand woven cotton),salt , etc.
  • Period: to

    early call of independence

    In this time, the whole nation was given a notice that they had to get independent. They all had to do their best to achieve their best.
  • jaliawala bagh massacre

    jaliawala bagh massacre
    People were having a meeting for knowing more about independence. A British general, General Dyer opened fire on those innocent people and killed more than 7000 and injured more than 15,000 people. The crowed countained a mix of children, women and men of all ages. People also jumped in a well in the garden to save themself!
  • Rowlatte act

    Rowlatte act
    This act was passed because of the talks about the 1st world war. It enabled the British soldiers to imprison anyone for a max. time of 2 years without any trial.
  • Period: to

    man strike & non-cooperation movement action

    People took strikes and stopped working whatever they were doing. This was a way to innitiate the Non-violence movement.
  • Non-cooperation movement

    Non-cooperation movement
    In this movement, people refused to listen or follow the orders of the British government. This was a peaceful way to tackle the British and their unfair laws. For ex. people made their own clothes and stopped buying British goods.
  • satayagraha (quest for truth)

  • Period: to

    formation of political parties

    In this time, many political parties were formed to collect the thoughts of the comman man so they had a part in the struggle too.
  • armed struggle

    armed struggle
    People started thinking that the Britis hmust be taught a lesson by their own way. The started opposing them by weapons. In this time, the Indian National army was also formed.
  • Dandi march

    Dandi march
    Gandhiji initiated a march to boycott British tax on salt. In the movement, he and some million people walked many hundred miles to go to the sea. There they made their own salt and broke the British law.
  • quit india moovement

    quit india moovement
    Finally in 1942, India pressurised the British too much and forced them to quit India. This movement was called the "Quit India" movement.
  • India gets Independence

    India gets Independence
    On this day india got its independence from the British rule and was governed for the first time democratically by Pandit Nehru.