United States in WW1

  • Germany places blockade on Great Britain

    Germany creates a blockade on Great Britain to prevent shipping from the Allies. Any ship approaching was a target for the Germans to destroy.
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    The United States' Involvement in WWI

  • The U-Boat takes down Lusitania

    German Submarine (aka U-Boat) takes down the Lusitania ship and all passengers which consisted of civilians, including 128 Americans.
  • German U-Boats Stop.

    Due to America’s anger, Germany stops its submarine warfare.
  • President Wilson warns Germany

    President Woodrow Wilson publicly advised Germany to cease with restricted U-Boat (submarine) warfare.
  • Germany continues with the underwater warfare

    Germany puts submarine warfare policies back into place.
  • Wilson asks to declare war

    President Woodrow Wilson asks Congress to declare war on Germany
  • US troops face war in France

    Troops from United States experience trench warfare in France
  • 14 Points: A solution to war?

    President Woodrow Wilson introduces his 14 Points idea, a plan to create permanent world peace.
  • Russia's Civil War: US aids

    President Wilson agrees to send “volunteer” troops into Russia, to assist the White armies in defeating the Reds.
  • The Great War is brought to an end

    The war ends. Germany and the Allies sign an Armistice.