Jolly's Timeline

By jnae
  • Oklahoma CIty Bombing

    Oklahoma CIty Bombing
    Tim McVeigh senteced to death foir Oklahoma CIty Bombing.
  • I was born.....Jolanai Joseph

    I was born.....Jolanai Joseph
    I was born in Boston,MA. To the parents of Annette Sanders and Jonathan Joseph
  • China

    Hong Kong returns to Chinease rule
  • FIrst Bombing of World Trade Center

    FIrst Bombing of World Trade Center
    Two convicted in first bombing of the World Trade Center.
  • Clinton scandel

    Clinton scandel
    President Clinton accused of sex scandel with Monica Lewinsky.
  • Europe's money

    Europe's money
    Europeans agree on single curency called the euro
  • Russia

    Russia fights off finacial collaspe.
  • JFK jr.

    JFK jr.
    JFK jr.and wife died in a plane crash off the coast of Martha's Vineyard.
  • Nelson Mandala

    Nelson Mandala
    Nelson Mandala 1st black president of South Africa steps down.
  • Turkey disaster

    Turkey disaster
    7.4 eartthquake in Turkey kills 15,000 and leave 600k homeless.
  • PResidential ELection

    PResidential ELection
    Disputed U.S presidential election decided by Supreme Court in favor of George Bush.
  • U.S sailers

    U.S sailers
    U.S sailers on navy destoryer in Yemen on boat Cole are killed
  • Mad Cow Disease

    Mad Cow Disease
    Mad Cow DIsease in Europe.
  • Senator Ted.

    Senator Ted.
    A jury finds Sen.Ted Selens gulity of seven felonys.
  • Art Work Theift

    Art Work Theift
    3 men steal 4 pieces of artwork from the Zurich Muesuem.
  • Fidel Castro

    Fidel Castro
    Fidel Castro steps down after 49 years handing power to his brother.
  • Israel

    Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert resigns.
  • Republicans

    Republicans take control of House of Reps.
  • East Coast storms

    East Coast storms
    Eats Coast of U,S hit with several snowstorms.
  • Egypt

    Egypt erupts into violence as supporters of President Mubarek fight with opponents.
  • Libya

    Libyan President Qadaffi fights with opposition forces for control of Libya.
  • THe Unabomber

    THe Unabomber
    The Unabomber sentenced to 4 life sentences.