Brandon Brown

  • Birthday

    I was born in Detroit, Michigan.
  • walking

    I learned to walk after a lot of months of crawling.
  • First bike

    First big wheel.
  • Pre-School

    I started pre-school in Highland Park.
  • Game Boy

    I got my first Game Boy.
  • Basketball

    I was on my first basketball team.
  • Belle Isle

    My first picnic here.
  • Bike ride

    Learned to ride a bike.
  • Football

    Started playing football for the Broncos.
  • Orlando

    Went to Disney World.
  • Cedar Point

    First trip to Cedar Point.
  • Camping

    Went camping with my school.
  • Mexico

    First trip to Acalpulco, Mexico.
  • High School

    I started my first year of high school at Thurston.
  • Mexico again

    I went to Cancun, Mexico.