Life of Joe Biden

By gwilson
  • Born:Joseph Robinette Biden Jr

    Joe Bidben was born in Scranton,Pa. November 20, 1942.
  • Kindergarten

    Joe goes to kindergarten and Marywood College to a speech specialist for stuttering.
  • Holy Rosemary Catholic School

    Holy Rosemary Catholic School
    Joe entered third grade at Holy Rosemary Catholic School in Claymont, Delaware.
  • St.Helena's High School

    In the seventh grade Biden went to St.Helena's High School .
  • Fourteen

    Joe attended Archmere High School at the age of fourteen.
  • Graduated Archmere High School

    Graduated Archmere High School
    Joseph Biden Jr. graduated from Archmere High School.
  • College

    Joe started college at the University of Delaware to study Political Science and History.
  • Graduated from University of Delaware

    Joseph graduated from the University of Delaware with a bachelor's degree.
  • 1st Marriage

    Joe and Neilia married in New York.
  • Graduated from Syracuse University

    Graduated from Syracuse University
    Joe Biden graduated from Syracuse University with a law degree.
  • County Councilman

    Joseph won election of County Councilman for the Democratic Party.
  • Car accident

    Joe Biden's wife Neilia and daughter Naomi were killed in a car accident.
  • U.S. Senator

    U.S. Senator
    Joe was sworn in as United States Senator .
  • Period: to

    United States Senator

    Joseph Biden was sworn in as a United States Senator
  • Foreign Relations Committee

    Joe became a member of Senate Foreign Relations Committee
  • Judiciary Committee

    Joe becaomes a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • 2nd Marriage

    Joe and Jill married in New York City.
  • Federal Crime Laws passed

    Federal Crime Laws passed
    Biden help create crime bills such as Violent Crime Control , Law Enforcement Act and Violence Against Women Act .
  • National Registry

    Joe Biden help pass and create the National Registry of Sex Offenders .
  • Promises to Keep

    Promises to Keep
    Biden wrote a book Promises to Keep , New York Times best sellers.
  • 47th Vice-President

    47th Vice-President
    Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. becomes the 47th Vice President