Trevors timeline

By trefin
  • I was born

    This is the day i was born on
  • Period: to

    My timespan

  • First day of kindergarden

  • First grade

  • Second grade

  • Started Golf

    I started playing Golf when i was 8 and never stoped.
  • Third grade

  • Fourth grade

  • 10th birthday

    On this birthday I hit the double digits
  • Dream cruise

    First dream cruise experienced
  • Fith grade

  • Elementry graduation

  • Started middle school/6th grade

  • 7th grade

  • Vacation to U.P

    Me and my family had took a vacation to the upper peninsula.
  • 8th grade

  • Middle school graduation

  • Vacation at Grand canyon

    Me and my family took a vacation to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.
  • Started High school

    First day of high school
  • 9th grade

  • Golf Team

    First day i played Golf for Thurston High school
  • 10th grade

  • Today