By huchgu
  • Beginning of the nightmare

    Adolf Hitler became the new leader of Germany, and Nazi.
  • Where we going?

    The Nazi party build up their first concentration camp: Dachau. For their enermy.
  • Things just happen so fast

    Nazis' first anti-Semitic decree removes all Jews from the civil service.
  • not citizen anymore

    The laws aganct Jew be pass. Among other things they deprive German Jews of the right to vote and hold public office, and they outlaw marriages between Jews and non-Jews.
  • Help!!! Help us

    Victory for President Roosevelt, with nearly complete Jewish support, by US helping.
  • Let's decide to help Jews

    Inviter by President Roosevelt, 32 countries meet in France to discuss refugee problem. Little is accomplished; most Western countries unwilling to accept Jewish come to thrie country.
  • No job for Jews

    All Jews who own business in Germany ordered to cease business by end of year.
  • Jews we coming!!!

    Germany attack Poland. After two days England and France declare war on Germany.
  • Period: to

    Kill who ever you see

    Germans have killed more than 16000 Polish civilians in first six weeks of war. 5000 of them are Jewish.
  • kill anyone who are nor Germany!!!

    Germany attacks against Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium and France.
  • More camp please

    Germans build up the Auschwitz concentration camp.
  • YOU come with me

    Germany killed 15000 from the Rhineland to internment camps in France.
  • killign spring

    More than 13,000 Jews have died of starvation in the Warsaw ghetto since January, and many other people after.
  • Fire Fire bomb!!!

    The Japanese attack the U.S. fleet at Pearl Harbor.
  • OUR goal

    Nazi outline a plan to kill eleven million Jews in Europe. During the war.
  • place in death!!!

    After many month people outside the camp finally know that the Nazis have already massacred 240,000 Jews in the Ukraine alone.
  • WE get the new bad idea

    Nazis begin deportation of Jews from France.
  • real truth

    A Jewish member of the Polish government informs the press that one million Polish Jews have perished since the war began.
  • All right. We give up

    Germans surrender at Stalingrad.
  • END of the nightmare

    First day of Warsaw ghetto uprising.
  • NO our last hope

    One hundred twenty-seven Flying Fortresses drop high-explosives on the factory areas of Auschwitz, less than five miles east of the gas chambers.
  • KILLING still happenning

    Death marches into the interior of Germany begin, taking 250,000 Jewish lives.
  • THE late help

    Soviet forces capture Auschwitz.
  • WE are winning

    US troops occupy Munich. Hitler kill himself in house.
  • Victory Belong to Allies

    Germany surrenders unconditionally to the Allies.