History of the Internet!!

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    History of the internet!!

  • SYNCOM Satalite in production

    The SYNCOM salatlite's Production started

    ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network),
    ARPANET was created
  • newsgroups, bulletin boards

    newsgroups, bulletin boards where created
  • Email

    Email was created and introduced!
  • conferencing

    The approximate year where video conferencing was created
  • IPSS (International packet switched service)

    IPSS was created and introduced!
  • First Wireless conversation

    The world's first, wireless telephone conversation occurred in 1880
  • Virus

    this is when the first virus was created
  • TCP/IP protocol

    TCP/IP protocol was created and became usable
  • National Science Foundation (NSF),

    National Science Foundation (NSF), was created!
  • Domain name addressing system

    Domain name addressing system was created and became usable to users
  • 10,000 hosts,

    The Internet reached 10,000 hosts!
  • First commercial dialup

    the first commercial dialup connection was made!
  • WWW (World Wide Web)

    WWW was created!!
  • CERN

    Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (European Council for Nuclear Research) was started!
  • First widely used browser (Mosaic)

    The first widely used browser was Mosaic
  • Search engines e.g. altavista, google

    The first search engine was created!
  • Word ‘Internet’ in daily use

    The Word 'Internet' became the most widely used word for the world wide web
  • 10 million users

    The internet hit a milestone of 10,000,000 (10 million) users!
  • Dotcom bubble burst

    .co.uk was evercome by .com domain names