First day of first grade

  • Born

    I was born green!
  • Period: to


  • baptized

  • Met my first best friend

    Her name was Samantha
  • First dance recital

  • First vacation. Disneyland

  • Learned how to ride a two-weeler bike

  • Saw snow for the first time

  • Parasailing for the first time.

  • Learned how to swim

  • First time camping

  • First day of first grade

    My first grade teacher name is Mrs. Shaffer. I went to school at Zuni Elementary.
  • Learned how to ski

  • Got my second dog-Butterfly

    She is a papillon.
  • Went on a plane for the first time.

  • Went out of the country for the first time. Canada

    I went to Canada.
  • First time taking horseback riding lessons.

    I was in the fith grade when i started riding horses.
  • Kissed a dolphin.

  • tried calamari

  • Been in a blizzard.

    It was in New York City.
  • New York for Christmas