Timeline created by abela
  • Development Started

    ChristianBlog.Com is presently under-going a complete refocus and redesign. Please check back in a few days to see what new and special things we have in store for our community!
  • Membership Registration (Beta) Opened To Public

    We have finished the Membership Registration System and are now accepting a limited amount of new members who are willing to test the new website.
  • Blog Submissions Fully Operational

    The ability to submit new blog entries, with a dedicated blog link, bbcode, polls, reporting system, blog tags, categories, and more are now 100% working.
  • Message Contact System (private messages) Development Begins

    A system to allow members to send each other private messages, with a fully features approve/deny system, begins development.
  • Blog Length Limits Imposed

    In an effort to reduce spam and microblogging, both minimum and maximum blog length limits were put into place.
  • Initial Censor Feature Activated

    The first version of our custom censor feature was put into place, with an initial seed of 250 key-words.
  • Photogallery Development Begins

    Development of the Photogallery begins!
  • My.Tracker Development Started

    The ability to track your favorite blog entries has now began development.
  • My.Gallery Finished Development & Released

    Development of the Photogallery has been finished and renamed to My.Gallery
  • Shout-outs Activated

    Personalized Shout-outs have now been activated.
  • Complete Contact Lockdown Feature Invoked

    Due to popular request, we have added the ability to completely disable members from contacting other members via private messages.
  • My.Gallery Commenting

    Commenting on individual My.Gallery submissions has now been fully developed, tested, and released to the general public.
  • Full-Text Syndication Via RSS

    Full-Text Syndication has been made available via RSS, to allow offsite publication of blog entries submitted at ChristianBlog.Com
  • 1-million monthly page-views mark

    ChristianBlog.Com for the first time reached 1-million monthly page-views!
  • Drafted: Anti-Denominational Abuse Policy

    Our initial draft of our very popular 'Anti-Denominational Abuse Policy' was released to the community for overview and feedback. Received 100% positive on both accounts!
  • Bulletins Feature Released

    The ability to send personal bulletins has been developed, tested, and how released to the general public.
  • Blog Licensing

    ChristianBlog.Com decides upon the Creative Commons Licenses and a dedicated ChristianBlog.Com License as our primary blog licenses.
  • ChristianBlog.Com Leaves BETA Status

    It's official folks!! ChristianBlog.Com is now 100% Publically Released and out of development! It has taken 340 days to develop the website and today is a happy day for us!
  • ChristianBlog.Com delivers out 2,459,646 Unique Monthly Page Hits

    ChristianBlog.Com delivers out 2,459,646 Unique Page Hits for the month of December.
  • Prayer Needs Goes Online

    ChristianBlog.Com is pround to announce a brand new Prayer Needs Section of our website! This new feature will allow our members to be able to post Prayer Needs in a much better fashion and allow a better system to notify members when other members respond to their Prayer Needs!
  • 2,000th Member

    ChristianBlog.Com is excited to announce our 2,000th Member has just signed up!
  • 3,990,091 Unique Monthly Page Hits

    ChristianBlog.Com reaches an all-time-high of 3,990,091 Unique Page Hits for the month of April 2007.
  • Recent Blog Readers

    Blog Entries will now show a new section called "Recent Readers" which will display the avatars of everybody who has an avatar and who is logged into ChristianBlog.Com and who has viewed a given Blog Entry.
  • Update Status (microblogging) Activated.

    ChristianBlog.Com has released a new feature called "Update Status" which allows our members to leave a 140-character message about what they are doing.
  • 4,000 Members Mark

    ChristianBlog.Com now celebrates our reaching 4,000 members!
  • 5,000 Blog Mark

    ChristianBlog.Com has just reached the 5,000 Blog Entries mark!!!
  • 4,268,313 Unique Monthly Page Views

    ChristianBlog.Com reached 4,268,313 unique page hits for the month of September, 2007!!
  • My.Messages Goes Threaded-View!

    The My.Message system switches over to a "threaded message system" to allow quicker and easier navigation and reading of private messages!
  • 7,000 Blog Mark

    ChristianBlog.Com has now reached the 7,000 blog entries mark!
  • Blog Tracker Makes A Come-back!

    Blog Tracker makes a long-awaited comeback after being offline for many months! Back and better then ever!
  • ChristianBlog.Com Offers A Secure Connection!

    ChristianBlog.Com offers a Secure Connection for ALL members!