thing about me

By pauleyc
  • when i was born

    when i was born
    in january the 8th 1996 the charity was born
  • birthday

    my first b day
  • spike

    got pet dog and he is still living best dog ever
  • little sister

    little sister
    annoying little sister was born
  • beast friends

    made beast friends with annie d
  • little brother

    little brother
    little rotten brother
  • two frunt teeth

    lost frunt teeth got mad could not eat my favrite corn on the cob
  • b day

    i ate my uncle brandons b day cake it was good
  • zoo

    went to the zoo whith new camra
  • maze

    went to a maze with family with little children like sister and brother and they was to little the come because they got scared that we would get lost
  • ds lite

    got ds lite for christmas
  • simba

    got my new pet cat he was dropped of with a brother and a sister so we kept him gave the other two another home
  • ribs

    korey shot his second deer and my mom and me hade a rib eating contest my favorite part is making a mess with the bbq
  • dad

    dad broke ancle by falling in the snow but came on the radio that he fell of the roof why would he be on top of the roof in the midde of winter
  • computer class

    making a time line for mr claydor that it for a grade