Stephen F. Austin

  • Birth

    Stephen F. Austin is born in virginia.
  • Period: to

    Stephen F. Austin

    Stephen F. Austin's life.
  • Stephen F. Austin is moving.

    Stephen F. Austin is moving to west of Mississippi River.
  • School

    At the age of eleven years, he attended school in Connecticut and later graduated with distinction from Transylvania University in Kentucky.
  • Graduation

    Stephen is graduated at Transylvania Univesity Lexington Kentucky.
  • INDIANS!!!!!

    The Austin family is attacked by Indians!!!
  • Legislature of Missouri

    In 1813, at the age of twenty-one years, he was elected to the territorial Legislature of Missouri, and was reelected to that position each year until 1819.
  • Lawyer

    Stephen becomes a lawyer.
  • Moves

    Stephen moves to Arkansas.
  • U.S. Grant

    On the death (1821) of his father, Moses Austin, he took over a grant to bring U.S. settlers into Spanish Texas.
  • Dad's Death

    Stephen's father dies.
  • Texas Trip

    After his father's death he carried out his mission to Texas.He proceeded to San Antonio, where he arrived in August 1821.
  • March to Texas

    Stephen leads 300 families to the new land of Texas.
  • Travels to Mexico City.

    Stephen F. Austin travels to Mexico City.
  • Birth of Texas

    March 2 is Texas's independence day. It is when they broke free from Mexico.
  • Death

    Stephen F. Austin dies.