Marilyn monroe

A Glance into the Life of Marilyn Monroe

  • Marilyn Monroe's Birth

    Marilyn Monroe's Birth
    She was born in Los Angeles, California and her name was originally Norma Jeane Mortenson.
  • Difficult Childhood

    Difficult Childhood
    Her mother, Gladys Baker, became unstable and had to give Marilyn up to foster parents. After many attempts, Gladys finally got Marilyn back in 1933. Then Gladys became mentally unstable and was forcibly removed to the State Hospital of Norwalk and Marilyn became a ward of the state. Her mothers' best friend, Grace McKee, became her guardian.
  • Moved from place to place

    Moved from place to place
    Grace Mckee then married Ervin Silliman Goddard and sent 9 year old Marilyn to live at the Los Angeles Orphans Home. She was then moved back and forth to a succession of foster homes. In 1937, Grace took Marilyn back to live with her and Goddard but that didn't last long because Goddard attempted to sexually assault her on several occasions. She was then shipped from different relatives houses and ended up landing back with the Goddards.
  • Marriage at 16

    Marriage at 16
    When the Goddards relocated to Virginia, they decided to not take Marilyn with them. After several failed attempts to find someone to watch her, the Goddards asked their neighbor if her son could marry Marilyn so that she wouldn't go back to the orphanage. James Dougherty finally agreed to marry her after finishing high school in June.
  • Modeling Career begins

    Modeling Career begins
    While her husband was in the Merchant Marine, she took up a job in the Radioplane Munitions Factory spraying airplane parts with fire retardant andinspected parachutes. During this time, David Conover snapped a photo of her and encouraged her to apply to the Blue Book Modeling Agency. She signed with the agency and died her brunette hair to golden blonde. She became one of Blue Book's most successful models.
  • Divorced

    Dougherty find out his wife became a model when a shipmate was admiring a photo of a sexy blonde. He then wrote Monroe several letters stating that when he got back into the States she would have to quit modeling. She saw her possibilities of a successful modeling and acting career and decided to divorce him when he returned from overseas in 1946.
  • Signed with Twentieth-Century Fox

    Signed with Twentieth-Century Fox
    Ben Lyon, a 20th Century Fox executive, was impressed by her screen test that he offered her a starting salary of $125.00 a week. Lyon did not like her original name and suggested that she take the name Marilyn Monroe.
  • Her First Movie Role

    Her First Movie Role
    Monroe's first movie role was an uncredited role as a telephone operator in The Shocking Miss Pilgrim in 1947. She won a brief role that same year in Dangerous Years and extra appearances in Green Grass of Wyoming and You Were Meant For Me.
  • Unemployed

    Her contract was up with Twentieth Century Fox and she was still looking for other jobs. While waiting she decided to pose for nude photographs for $50.00. This would be the only time she got paid for her nude photographs. She was also crowned Miss California Artichoke Queen that year.
  • The Asphalt Jungle

    The Asphalt Jungle
    After her performance in The Asphalt Jungle, Marilyn Monroe got great reviews. Her talent agent, Johnny Hyde convinced Twentieth Century Fox to sign her into a 7 year contract.
  • Life Magazine

    Life Magazine
    She made her first appearance on the cover of Life magazine where she was described as the "talk of Hollywood." Stories up her childhood and upbringing were puclished in the magazine and it brought a sympathetic outlook of her to all of her fans.
  • NIagara

    Niagara was Monoroe's first major role. She played a femme fatale scheming to murder her husband. She received positive reviews though most commentators focused on her overtly sexual performance.
  • Marriage #2

    Marriage #2
    Monroe got married to Joe DiMaggio in San Fransisco on January 14,1954. They traveled to Japan on a business trip and also combined it as their honeymoon as well.
  • DiMaggio and Monroe Seperate

    DiMaggio and Monroe Seperate
    Her and DiMaggio got a divorce after a despute of her scene in the Seven Year Itch. She had to stand while the air from a subway grate blew her skirt up. After the quarrel the couple returned to California and avoided the press for two weeks. Then they announced they were seperated.
  • Marriage #3

    Marriage #3
    Monroe and Arthur Miller married after a reporter was following them and after trying to elude him he crashed into another car and killed the woman driver. This disturbed Monroe and she felt that if she came out about their relationship things in the press would cool off.
  • Golden Globe Award

    Golden Globe Award
    Monore won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress- Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for her performance in Some Like it Hot.
  • Health Problems Arise

    Health Problems Arise
    She began seeing a Los Angelese psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson. She was complaining about insomnia and admitted to seeing many doctors to give her medication. Greenson believed she was at the point of addiction
  • Last Completed Film

    Last Completed Film
    The Misfits was the last film that Monroe completed. During the making of the film she was consuming pills and alcohol and made it difficult with others to work with her. Monore and Miller start to fight excessively and after the film was done, they seperated.
  • "Happy Birthday"

    "Happy Birthday"
    Monroe was asked to attend John F. Kennedy's birthday where she peformed Happy Birthday along with a specially written verse.
  • Marilyn Monroe's Death

    Marilyn Monroe's Death
    LAPD officers were called at 4:25 a.m The autopsy reports that she had eight milligram percent of Chloral Hydrate and 4.5 milligram percent of Nembutal. Many theories from suicide to murder circulated about her death, All they know is her last phone call was to the President.