The 12th amendment

By $ky
  • Election the sparked the 12th amendment

    Election the sparked the 12th amendment
    This is the election that made them realize a change was needed. Admas won but Jefferson got second so he became vice president. These two were from different parties so they didnt get along very well and not much got acomplished.
  • Period: to

    The 12th amendment

    The 12th amendment from start to finish
  • proposed by congress

    proposed by congress
    Congress realized from the election of 1796 that there needed to be a change in how we elect our president and vice-president so that is exactly what they did.
  • Ratified by states

    Ratified by states
    Replaced article 2, section 1, clause 3. Also the states the supported it were North Carolina (December 21, 1803) Maryland (December 24, 1803) Kentucky (December 27, 1803) Ohio (December 30, 1803) Pennsylvania (January 5, 1804) Vermont (January 30, 1804) Virginia (February 3, 1804) New York (February 10, 1804) New Jersey (February 22, 1804)Rhode Island (March 12, 1804) South Carolina (May 15, 1804) Georgia (May 19, 1804) and the final state to support it and was Tennessee (July 27, 1804)