My Timeline

By CCgwin
  • I was Born

    The best person ever was born.
  • Met Alicia

    Met one of my best friends named Alicia
  • Learned Sign Language

  • Met my bestfriend Katy

  • Ate an ornament

  • First soccer game

  • GUm stuck in my hair

  • Got chocked by a kid

  • Went to Disneyworld

  • Sister was born

  • Cut my hair

    Like a boys
  • Met Heather

  • Sophia's surgery

  • Got my first phone

  • Justin Bieber concert

    Went to the Jb concert in Chicago and met him. Yeah ;)
  • Went to Oregon

  • Grandma died

  • Today

    The day I made this timeline
  • Made a school HANDWRITTEN timeline

    Yeah that really sucked. Over 50 dates. But I got all my dates on here from there