7 biggest events

By emily8
  • I'm Born!!!!!!

    I was born in a hospital in Des Moines Iowa on october 30th
  • Period: to


  • Started playig soccer!!

    I started playing soccer when i lived in Des Moines Iowa. My brothers got me into it.
  • I stated playing roller hockey

    My brothers got me started when i still lived in Iowa
  • I moved to Fitchburg Wisconsin

    I moved ;here right before i started 1st grade. My dad's job got transfered and we moved when i was 6
  • Got my gerbils

    we got 2 gerbils that were really anoying ;) they were brown and black
  • Started playing softball

    I started playing softball inn verona once we moved to Wisconsin
  • Brother went to college

    My brother went to a college in Minnesota and we hardly see him but we have family that lives there.