My Life

By julianc
  • Julian is Born!

    Julian Castronovo is born
  • first time on a plane

    I flew to califoria to see my grandparents.
  • Moves from Miami to Madison

    Julian moves from Miami, FL to Madison, WI
  • 911

    nine eleven happens in New York
  • Kindergaten begins

    Starts school at Stoner Prairie
  • Starting to play soccer

    Started to play soccer in Fitchburg rec
  • Learning Piano

    I started to play the piano
  • Got first guitar

    I got a my first washburn guitar for Christmas
  • Obama is the President

    Obama, the first black president is elected.
  • I played my first piano concert

    I played one of Motzart's sonitinas.
  • I get a dog

    I got my second dog, Hershey
  • Goes to Savanna Oaks

    I started middle school.
  • The frequency

    I play my guitar at a Madison cllub, the frequency
  • First day of the 2010 world cup

  • Starts Snowboarding

    I go snowboarding for the first time at devils head.
  • I get a really nice guitar

    I get an Epiphone, Les Paul 1960 limited edition.
  • Protests against Scott Walker

    Walker is taxing the stae employees