My Life

  • CIA gets attacked.

    CIA gets attacked.
    Two people were killed and three were injured when a shooter came in and shot people with an assult rifle.
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • Hello World!!

    Hello World!!
    I was born on Jan. 31 1997. Both of my parents complain about how much of a hassle I was and still am.
  • First soccer ball.

    First soccer ball.
    My dad had already bought me a soccer ball before i was born. That was my first experience with soccer, and i will have many more in my life.
  • First Word.

    First Word.
    First word ever said was "dada". Ironically it was when my dad was on a business trip!
  • Brother born.

    Brother born.
    When i was at the hospital i crakced my head open, so they had to deal with me and my brother being born.
  • 9/11 Twin Towers

    9/11 Twin Towers
    Terrorists crashed two commercial airplanes into the twin towers. Then both of the towers fell to the ground killing thousands.
  • War in Iraq

    War in Iraq
    USA goes into Iraq to give citizens freedom, this war has been longer than weve expected.
  • Leo My Dog

    Leo My Dog
    As a sudden yet suprise gift we go got our mom my first dog named Leo. He is a very smart Yorkiepoo.
  • Got Lucie

    Got Lucie
    Lucie is another dog we got for our mom. She is a yorktiese, when we got here she weighed 3.2 pounds.
  • Vacation

    We went on a vacation to Arizona, then we went to Las Vegas for a week.
  • Inaguration

    Barack O'Bama is elected. He makes history by being th e first africa american president.
  • Made ODP State Team.

    Made ODP State Team.
    The ODP Team is a roster for the top 18 soccer players in the state of iowa.
  • Iowa Floods

    Iowa Floods
    Many parts of Iowa Flood and force hundreds to leave their homes.
  • Went Out for Wrestling

    Went Out for Wrestling
    Almost all of the males in my family have wrestled, so i decided to and i enjoy it still.
  • Haiti Earthquake

     Haiti Earthquake
    A 7.0 earthquake hits haiti in leaves th ecountry in ruins.
  • Landon Donovan Historic Goal

    Landon Donovan Historic Goal
    To put USA to the quater finals landon donovan scored a goal in the final 91 minute for the win.
  • Made ODP Regional Pool

    Made ODP Regional Pool
    The ODP Regional Camp is where the top 100 soccer players in the region go for a 7 week camp. Then from there you can make a roster of 30 and i made that.
  • Spain wins world cup

    Spain wins world cup
    It is Spains first time winning the World Cup. And having the World Cup in South Africa helped that countries economy. With Spain winning it brought joy to milliions of people.
  • Black Ops Realeased

    Black Ops Realeased
    When Black Ops was realeased it sold more than 6,000,000 Copies in the first 24 hours.
  • Freedom in Egypt

    Freedom in Egypt
    Many citizens protest against dictatorship in Egypt. This could cause the whole world to think about the "freedoms" that we really have.