My Life

By Hbush
  • Championship

    FIS Nordic World Ski Championships.
  • Its a girl!

    Its a girl!
    I was born on March 3, 1997. I am the third daughter for my mom and forth daughter for my dad.
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • Combine shooting

    Combine shooting
    There was a shooting at a school killing and injuring many people.
  • New Home

    New Home
    We moved from Cedar Rapids to Ely Date is an estimate but the year is correct
  • Y2K

    Everybody thought that the world would "crash".
  • School

    This is when I started pre-school. I went to Prairie Crest. Date is an estimate, but the year is correct
  • 9/11

    Two planes crashed into the twin towers. Another plane crashed into the pentagon.
  • 1st nephew

    1st nephew
    My first nephew was born, His name is Jacob. This is the day that I became an aunt.
  • Zeke!

    I got my first dog on Christmas Eve. He was only a few months old.
  • 2nd nephew

    2nd nephew
    My second nephew, Josh, was born.
  • Virginia shooting

    Virginia shooting
    A shooting in a school injuring many people.
  • BFF

    My best friend is Maddie. We met in sixth grade by my other friend. We met at the school dance. Date and month are an estimate, but the year is correct
  • Flood of 2008

    Flood of 2008
    Flood throughout many cities in Iowa.
  • Missouri!

    This was the first time that I went down to Missouri for awhile in the summer. I have been going there every summer since then. Date is an estimate but the year is correct
  • Death

    My grandpa's mom died. Date is an estimate but the year is correct
  • Haiti Earthquake

    Haiti Earthquake
    A large earthquake hit Haiti destroyng everything.
  • Chile Earthquake

    Chile Earthquake
    An earthquake hit Chile ruining everything.
  • Arizona shooting

    Arizona shooting
    A shooting in Arizona that injured a senate.
  • Freedom

    Egypt gets its freedom.