My Life...So far

  • bitter sweet death

    My mother had birthed a stillborn June 30 1996 wich she named Colt
  • Welcoming

    I was born April 27, 1997 at lunch( aparently I was hungry)
  • "Little Foxes"

    Little foxes opend april 27, 1997
  • Period: to

    My Life...So Far

  • Marriage

    My mom and dad got married June 20, 1997
  • My first sibling

     My first sibling
    My sister seirra was born jan. 15
  • Columbine High School shooting

    Columbine High School shooting
    2 teens murder 13 students and teachers at Columbine High School
  • Kenya and Tanzania

    Kenya and Tanzania
    225 People where killed in Kenya and Tanzania May 29 2001
  • Massachusetts

    Mass. Was the first to leaglize same- sex marriages
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    Hirricane Katrina killed at least 1,834
  • USS Cole

    USS Cole
    The Uss Cole was bombed in yemen
  • Cancer

    My aunt kk had been dianosed with cancer lucky for us she survived this happend the year of 2007 Not sure about the date
  • Northern Illinois University shooting

    Northern Illinois University shooting
    A student kills 4,himself and hurts over a dozen
  • Sad Death

    My grandfathers mother had died April 20,2009 she was almost 100
  • R.I.P Michael Jackson

    R.I.P Michael Jackson
    The King of Pop died June 25, 2009 Right before his final Consert
  • Harry Patch

    Harry Patch the oldest war hero In brittain died at the age 111

    I got my FIRST poem Published jan.10 of 20011
  • Deppresion

    I was dagnosed with deppresion last year ago