Amy Collett's Timeline

  • Packers Win Superbowl

    Packers Win Superbowl
    In 1997 the Packers won the Superbowl against the New England Patriots. It was their third superbowl victory.
  • Scientists Cloned a Sheep

    Scientists Cloned a Sheep
    February 22nd was the first day scients clonned something. So they did it on a sheep named Dolly.
  • Born

    I was born March 3, 1997 at 3:25pm. My name was either going to be Alexis or Torry, but then they decided on Amy Lynn Collett.
  • Pokemon

    Pokemon was first introduced in 1997 on April first. It is still a popular today with alot of kids.
  • Tiger Woods Wins Masters

    Tiger Woods Wins Masters
    Tiger Woods is the youngest to win the Masters on April 13th of 1997. He is now one of the best golfers today, and is very well known.
  • Miss America

    Miss America
    Brandi Sherwood wins Miss America! She won May 16, 1997.
  • Harry Potter is Published

    Harry Potter is Published
    Harry Potter is famous for it's books and movies. On June 30, 1997 the first book published by J.K Rowling.
  • Princess Diana's Funeral

    Princess Diana's Funeral
    Princess Diana's Funeral was a huge deal! Thousands attended to it. It's also kind of intesting to me because a few years ago a college professor in California found out that Prince Henery and Prince Williams are my 10th cousins!
  • Titanic Movie Comes Out

    Titanic Movie Comes Out
    The famous movie "Titanic" came out the year I was born. It made 200 million and is still a well known movie today.
  • First Girls Weekend

    First Girls Weekend
    We have a girls weekend every year. My first was when I was two. Me, my cousin, aunt, grandma, and mom take a weekend to go shopping and stay at a hotel every year.
  • Little Brother was Born

    Little Brother was Born
    I was in 2nd grade and got called down to the office to talk to my mom on the phone. I was dissapointed that it was a boy but I was still happy!
  • Got my ears pierced

    Got my ears pierced
    I was in 3rd grade when I got my ears pierced. I was really nervous but it didn't hurt that bad.
  • Moved into a new house

    Moved into a new house
    We lived in Farifax before and then moved to Walford. I moved when I was a baby but this one I actually remember and was a big deal for me.
  • Flood of 2008

    Flood of 2008
    Cedar Rapids had a terrible flood. Everything was underwater and alot of family and friends had to start all over agian.
  • Became obsessed with Justin Bieber

    Became obsessed with Justin Bieber
    The first song I heard from Justin Bieber was "One Time" after that I eventually became obsessed with him!! He is AMAZING:)
  • Micheal Jackson Died

    Micheal Jackson Died
    Micheal Jackson was the king of pop. He was well known by almost everyone. He died June 25, 2009, I will always remember that day because of how much grief it brought to others.
  • Won KCRG writing contest

    Won KCRG writing contest
    When I was 12 I entered a summer writing contest through KCRG. We wrote about what we want to be when we grow up. I said I wanted to be a dietitian. I ended up being one of the winners. I was able to job shadow a dietitan and won a bunch of prizes!
  • Got Braces

    Got Braces
    I got my braces on and will have to have them for 2 years.
  • Met My Best Friend

    Met My Best Friend
    We were both in reading, language arts, and A/A together. Eventually we started talking and I became best friends with Rachel Ellen Blong:)
  • First Time Going to Nationals in Florida

    First Time Going to Nationals in Florida