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14461 Industrial Revolution Timeline

By 14461
  • Feb 15, 1350


    Related to Minster of Freiburg
  • Feb 15, 1566

    Seed Drill

    Seed Drill
    Invented by Jethro Tull.
  • Utilitarianism

    Jeremy Bentham, greatest good for the greatest number of people.
  • The Flying Shuttle

    The Flying Shuttle
    John Kay made the flying shuttle which greatly to greatly increase the productivity of weavers.
  • The Spinning Jenny

    The Spinning Jenny
    Made by James Hargreaves
  • James Watt

    James Watt
    made steam engine more efficient
  • Robert Fulton

    Robert Fulton
    Inspired the steam engine and was eventually responsible for its creation,
  • Water Frame

    Water Frame
    invented by Thomas Highs.
  • Socialism

    Robert owen was a supporter of this anti laissez-faire philosphy
  • Matthew Boulton

    Matthew Boulton
    Watt's business partner.
  • Capitalism

    The wealth of nations, written by Adam smith, insipired this.
  • Power Loom

    Power Loom
    Invented by Edmund Cartwright.
  • Eli Whitney

    Eli Whitney
    invented the cotton gin
  • Robert Bakewell

    Robert Bakewell
    sheep farmer
  • John McAdam

    John McAdam
    Scottish engineer made road beds with drainage & gravel,
  • Slavery Abolition Act 1833

    Slavery Abolition Act 1833
    slavery was abolished in 1833 with this act. This also counts as a reform bill, so don't expect to see a seperate reform bill.
  • Marxism

    Invented by Karl Marx, similar to communism.
  • Women fight for change

    Women fight for change
    International Council for women in 1888 started in 1848. (the movement)
  • The United States

    The United States
    The United States follows capitialism.