Jessica's Howard

  • The leader

    The leader
    They take a vote to decide who to name the "leader" of the island to help keep order.
  • Power

    Jack realizes he has none of the power and they create a new position as leader of hunting; which they make Jack head of.
  • Beastie

    Talk of a "Beastie" forms on the island and causes tension between the
  • New Tribe

    New Tribe
    Jack, sick of Ralph and the society he's created, forms a new tribe and most of the boys follow him.Jack perclaims himself new cheif
  • Pig Sacrifice

    Pig Sacrifice
    Jack and his "followers" kill the mother pig and steak his head up as a sacrifice.
  • First Real Kill

    First Real Kill
    Simon is mistaken as the beastie and murdered by the other boys.