Bethany's Life

Timeline created by bethyboo
  • Born

    Bethany was born in Provo Utah on Father's Day
  • Moved to Texas

    Moved to Texas
    Moved to Lubbock for my dad's job at Texas Tech
  • Moved to Oklahoma

    Moved to Oklahoma
    We moved from Lubbock, Texas to Stillwater, Oklahoma.
  • Baptism

    I got baptized
  • Washington DC

    Washington DC
    I went to D.C. for my dad's buisness trip and stayed ina 5 star hotel for 5 days:) it was awesome!
  • Solo and Ensamble Contest

    I got 1's (highest score) on my trio, sextet, and solo!!
  • Girls Camp

    Girls Camp
    Church Girls camp during summer
  • All-State Choir

    All-State Choir
    Stayed at the Renaissance Hotel and practiced for 3 days straight before performing on the 15th.
  • Church Dance

    Church Dance
    There was a dance for teens in my church at the Capitol Building
  • Got a part for a conference

    Got a part for a conference
    Our church is having a conference to reprisent Oklahoma and I got one of the dancing and singing parts.
  • Get braces

  • Florida Trip

    Florida Trip
    My mom, sister and I are going on a trip to Florida to see my aunt and uncle and cousins.
  • Graduation

    Graduate from Stillwater High School
  • Go to college

    Go to college
    Go to college at BYU