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Sam Gaddis

By gaddiss
  • The World Welcomes Samantha Emily Gaddis

    The World Welcomes Samantha Emily Gaddis
    Methodist Medical Center This is the day that I was born. I was a fairly ugly baby because I literally only had hair on one side of my head. My sister was 15 and embarassed by my existence. I was born at Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines, IA.
  • Sam becomes Aunt Sam!

    Sam becomes Aunt Sam!
    North Polk Community SchoolsMy sister has had 4 children. He first was born on this day. He is very involved in sports and athletics. Michael, my nephew and I will always be close. We grew up together and developed a special bond. He is now playing basketball at North Polk in Alleman, IA.
  • Sam Graduates High School

    Sam Graduates High School
    Ankeny Community Schools This is the day that I graduated high school I attended Ankeny Community Schools for my entire school career. I enjoyed attending Ankeny but was happy to graduate and go to college.