Cam 2

My Life

  • Birth

    Born in Woodward, OK
  • 1st Broken Bone

    1st Broken Bone
    A cow, the worst animal ever, stepped on my arrm and broke it.
  • Academic Team

    Academic Team
    My first academic team practice
  • Recieved Vespa

    Recieved Vespa
    Might I add, on my step-sister's birthday!
  • Move to Stillwater

    Move to Stillwater
    I move to Stillwater from Enid
  • *FUTURE* Turn 16!

    *FUTURE* Turn 16!
    Best Birthday EVER!!!
  • *FUTURE* Graduation

    *FUTURE* Graduation
    Graduate from Stillwater High School
  • *FUTURE* Move

    *FUTURE* Move
    Get out of Oklahoma and its HORRIBLE weather!