• My Birthday

    My Birthday
    This is where the mistake child (ME!!!) was born, by accident on her father's birthday.
  • Period: to


    This is my pathetic life... so far
  • Marriage

    The day my parents got married.
  • Catalina & Chilldress

    Catalina & Chilldress
    This was the day my life really began to suck. My little brother and sister were born (they're twins!!!)
  • Kindergarden

    Hell begins. i was 5 going on 6.
  • My neighbors move

    My neighbors move
    This was the day Fatima and Diago moved away to Calgary. She and her little brother were my only friends.
  • Grade 1

    Grade 1
    My parents split up sometime later in the school year. i was 6 going on 7.
  • Seperation

    This is the day my parents split up. It was some time when i was in grade 1.
  • Grade 2

    Grade 2
    This is the begining of grade 2. i had no friends. I was 7 going on 8
  • Grade 3

    Grade 3
    This is the begining of grade 3. i had no friends, but i discovered a love for singing. i was 8 going on 9.
  • Grade 4

    Grade 4
    I had no friends. i started seeing my dad more on the weekends around ages 7,8, or 9. I was 9 going on 10.
  • Grade 5

    Grade 5
    I made friends with Kristina Richards close to the end of the year. I was 10 going on 11.
  • Grade 6

    Grade 6
    I am still friends with Kristina. 11 going on 12.
  • Yay

    My dad finally lands an apartement, so i was seeing him every weekend.
  • Grade 6 Grad

    Grade 6 Grad
    We graduate from St. Avila.
    My dad lives out in Sandford.
  • Grade 7

    Grade 7
    My first year at Viscount Alexander. Kristina and I make friends with Raylene, David, Anna H. and Alyssa.
  • Jamaica

    My mother takes my little brother and sister and I to Jamaica for 1 week.
  • Grade 8

    Grade 8
    I was 13 going on 14. I made friends with Kenzie, Bethany, Max G, Justine A, and many more people.
  • Grade 9

    Grade 9
    I am 14 going on 15. I still sing. This year i have discovered a love for the show Glee. I have more friends than last year. I switch houses every week from mom to dad. I am hoping to get honours again this year.