• An assassination leads to wars

    An assassination leads to wars
    Austria-hungary which had taken control of bosnia in 1875 accused serbia of subverting its rule over bosnia
  • Militarism

    By 1890, the strongest nation on the european continent was germany which had set up an army reserve system that drafted and trained young men
  • An assinationation leads to war

    Austria and hungary declared what was expected to be a short war against serbia.
  • Alliance system

    Alliance system
    There were two major defences alliances in europe
  • An assination leads to war

    An assination leads to war
    Germany declared war on russias ally france.
  • An assassination leads to war

    An assassination leads to war
    in june 1914, archduke franz ferdinand heir to the austrian throne vistited the bosnia capital
  • The fighting starts

    Germany invaded belgium, following a strategy known as the schlieffen plan.
  • The fighting starts

    Unable to save belgium, the allies retreated to the marne river and france where they halted the german advance.
  • Americans question neutraility

    Americans question neutraility
    Most americans saw no reason to join a struggle 3000 miles away
  • The fighting starts

    Two parallel systems of deep, rat infested trenches crossed france from the belgium coast to swiss alps.
  • War hits home.

    War hits home.
    One of the worst disasters occured when a u- boat sank the british liner off the southern coast of ireland.
  • The war hits home

    The war hits home
    Three months later, a u boat sank another british liner the arabic drowning to americans.
  • American question neutrality

    The united states was suffering a labor shortage.
  • The war hits home

    The war hits home
    In March,Germany broke its promise and torpedoed an unarmed france passenger steamer, the sussex.
  • The fighting starts

    during the first battle of the somewhat began on july 1 1916, and lasted until mid november, the british suffered 60000 cassualties the first day alone.
  • The war hits home

    In november came the us presedential election. The democrats renominated wilson, and the republicans nominsted the supreme court justice, charles evans hughes.
  • The united states declares war

    In a speech before the senate, the president called for a peace without victory, a peace between equals, and which neither side would impose harsh terms on the other.
  • The united states declares war

    The kaiser announced that u- boats would sink all ships in britsh waters, hostile or neutal, onsite.