NZ Ancestory

  • Feb 2, 1150

    Toi and Whatonga settle

    Toi and Whatonga settle
    Soon it was said that two Polynesians named Toi and Whatonga decided to settle in the mysterious land of Aoteroa.
  • Feb 2, 1350

    Settlers from Hawaiki

    Settlers from Hawaiki
    Several people from Hawaiki were rumoured to have settled in Aoteroa.
  • Tasman visits NZ

    Tasman visits NZ
    Finally, another person has discovered New Zealand for their homeland. A Dutchman named Abel Tasman discovered the tiny country in 1642.
  • James Cook visits NZ

    James Cook visits NZ
    One of the most famous English explorers James Cook has found New Zealand. He brought with him a few Europeans who came to settle amongst the Maori.
  • Treaty of Waitangi

    Treaty of Waitangi
    The Treaty of Waitangi is signed between the Maori and the British to make peace between the two. Soon after that, many more European settlers began to live in New Zealand.
  • Immigration Acts

    Immigration Acts
    The Government became more strict with the people they were bringing into New Zealand, and created the Immigration Acts to control the amount of people wishing to move and settle in New Zealand.
  • Immigration Today

    Immigration Today
    Due to the increase of immigrants in New Zealand, the Immigration Acts have been modified to suit today.
  • Kupe discovers Aoteroa

    Kupe discovers Aoteroa
    The Maori legend tells of a Polynesian explorer, Kupe, who discovered a new land named Aoteroa. He told others that it was inhabited by many strange birds that he had never seen before, but there were no humans there either.
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