Melanie and the Clock

Timeline created by starlightaddiction
  • Toddler

    *The date is completely fictional. Before Melanie learned how to tell time, she was aware of it because of certain events. For instance, her family always ate dinner at 6:00pm. 8:30 pm meant bedtime. She knew this because the show, Rugrats, would be over by then. Her father also ingrained in her a sense of time. He'd set schedules, and made sure his children followed through with them. He'd make sure they'd pack in advance for vacations. As Melanie put it, "My dad hates laziness."
  • College Student

    College Student
    *The date is fictional. When Melanie arrived at Bryn Mawr College, its BMC time policy made her crazy. She arrived early for her very 1st class, Italian, only to be told that the class didn't start until 15 minutes later. She was especially confused since the Italian teacher explained Bryn Mawr time in Italian.
  • Becoming an Expert at Using the Clock

    Becoming an Expert at Using the Clock
    *The date is fictional. Today, Melanie has learned to manage her time effectively and efficiently. Her dad taught her the importance of being on time; Bryn Mawr time taught her that time can be flexible as well. She writes schedules when she has a busy day, ensuring that she completes all that she needs to do. However, she also realizes that unexpected events can occur and mess up the system. Consequently, she has learned to adapt and be flexible, while still accomplishing her goals.