Anna Banana's life (:

  • Born

    I was born at PCMH on june 13 1995
  • Period: to

    Anna Bananas life (:

  • lil brother

    My Little brother was born!
  • school

    I started preschool at st. james!
  • Cancer

    diagnosed with leukemia
  • kindergarden

    i started kindergarden at WH roberson
  • cancer

    Finished treatment for leukemia
  • disney

    wemt to disney world for make a wish trip
  • 3rd grade

    started 3rd grade at ayden elementry
  • 5th grade

    Started 5th grade at ayden middle
  • church

    joined church through confirmation
  • softball

    started softball at ayden middle my 7th grade year
  • softball

    started softball my 8th grade year at ams
  • relay for life

    recevied hero award for relay for life
  • school

    started high school at AGHS
  • drivers ed

    started drivers ed
  • softball

    stated softball at aghs
  • permit

    got permit on the 14th of june
  • missions

    Did one body mission trip in greenville
  • bahamas

    went to the bahamas for a week
  • sweet 16

    turn 16 :)
  • license

    get drivers license :)