Erica's Timeline

  • Birthday

    My name is Erica Sandoval and i was born on April, 11995
  • Tampa Florida

    I was born in Tampa Florida
  • Divorce

    My parents got divorced when i was 3 years old.
  • My 5th Birthday

    i turned 5 on April 1,1995
  • Reading

    I learned how to read in 2002 when i was seven.
  • Disney World

    I went to Disney world in 2003.
  • Carshow

    I went to a car show in 2005.
  • Trip to Ohio

    I went to Ohio in 2005 Withy my family.
  • Moving Day

    I moved to North Carolina in 2006
  • Cut my finger

    I cut the whole tip of my finger off in 2007
  • Driving Lessons

    I learned how to drive in 2008 when i was thirteen.
  • My first plane trip

    My first time on a plane was in 2008 to Mexico.
  • Summer Break

    I went to Florida to see my dad in 2009 for summer vacation.
  • quinceneira

    I had a Sweet 15 which is a mexican tradition .
  • Christmas

    I went to Florida for Christmas in 2010.
  • Chinese

    i Went to the china Buffet last Saturday.
  • Pitt Bulls

    I have Three Pittbull's two girls and one boy
  • Brothers

    i have four Brother's and i am the only girl.
  • Mcdonalds

    i Spent sometime at Mcdonalds doing this timeline lastnight.
  • Sophmore Year

    I am currently in the tenth grade
  • Passed EOC's

    I have passed all of my EOC's for last semester