Emma Boone February 2011

By ktboone
  • Emma was born

    Emma was born
    I was 9 pounds and 2 oz!!!! Born at 8:17am in Middlesex Hospital. in Middletown, Ct.
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    Emma's Timeline

  • Emma's 1st B'day

  • 2nd B'day

    I had a tea party with my friends in Ct. They brought their favorite doll.
  • Moved to Jacksonville

    Moved to Jacksonville
    sold our home in Ct. Drove to our new home in Jacksonville with 3 dogs, 3 cats, 3 kids and a fish!
  • 3rd B'day

  • 4th B'day

    4th B'day
    I had a party at home with a bouncy house! A few of my friends from Ct came too,
  • 5th B'day

  • 1st Day of Kindergarten

    1st Day of Kindergarten
    My teachers were Miss Tompson & Miss Lewis. I met alot of new friends. There were 3 Emmas in my class!
  • Disney Cruise

    Disney Cruise
    The boat had a cool pool with a waterslide. Sophia & I got our hair braided in tiny braids on the boat. Every night we went to a different restaurant on the ship, but our waiters came with us.
  • 6th B'day

    I had a party with lots of game. One game was bobbing for apples.
  • Got "Beanie"

    Got "Beanie"
    Got a new chihuahua named "Bean" or "Frijolitas". Little Beans in spanish.
    she was soo very tiny!
  • 7th B'day

    7th B'day
    Had a tennis party for my 7th birthday
  • Lost 1st tooth

    Lost 1st tooth
    Emma lost her 1st tooth. Ate a snack and then it got wiggly.