Fahrenheit 451: U.S.A. Technology

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  • Microchip developed by Jack Kilby

    Microchip developed by Jack Kilby
    Advantage: The microchip has advanced many different scinces by creating a small pwer or hard drive for systems.
    Disadvantage: The microchip probabl replaced many different jobs putting people out of work.
  • Nanotechnology

    Advantage: Helps doctors and scientist better human kind on an atomic and molecular scale
    Disadvantage: Some people don't see nanotechnologies as a good thing on an ethical scale and there could be a potential problem of mass poisoning
  • First Weather Satellite, TIROS-1

    First Weather Satellite, TIROS-1
    Advantage: Boosted the U.S.A.'s ability to detect different weather changes and other threats to America.
    Disadvantage: The only disadvantage I can make is that the satellite cost a lot of money to uild and a lot resources.
  • First Viable Video Game

    First Viable Video Game
    Advatages: Brought a connection between countries, like Japan, and brouht a whole new market to the compuer age and developed new thinkgs like simulators and other helpful devises.
    Disadvanage: The graphics were bad and the games weren't very creative and on the ther hand, kids begin to become more lazy and become less
  • Firts Handheld Cell Phone made by Martin Cooper and Jole S. Engal

    Firts Handheld Cell Phone made by Martin Cooper and Jole S. Engal
    Advantage: developed a very broad system of communication that spread worlwide and helped easy the lives of everyone.
    Disadvantage: As the cell phones grew and developed people once again lost focas and began getting lasy and the postal service probably suffered due to instant communication.
  • MRI Scanner 1977

    MRI Scanner 1977
    Advantage: Helped doctors see inside the bodies of paitents that they couldn't see before.
    Disadvantage: Only cation to an MRI is that it effects the electircal flow that runs to your heart.
  • First Space Shuttle Launch STS-1

    First Space Shuttle Launch STS-1
    Advantage: Brought a new horizon for space travel that went passed the Earth's atmosphere
    Disadvantage: The flghts had been very dangerous and was potentially life threatening
  • Answering Machine

    Answering Machine
    Advantage: Gives people away to communicate when one may notbe able to be in contact at the time.
    Disadvantage: The message is a recording but it can sometimes be interrupted differently and confsed and the machine is not very private.
  • Smart Board: The Interactive White Board

    Smart Board: The Interactive White Board
    Advantage: Schools can help children and kids learn on a scale that they are adating to in the digital age
    Disadvantage: Some schools can't afford to buy these Smart Boards so some kids are left out
  • The Invention of Google

    The Invention of Google
    Advantages: Anything anybody wants toknow can be found on Google and it is a geat reference website for school and at the work place.
    Disadvantage: Sometimes, it is hard to find exactly what you are wanting to find without an exact discription if the item or etc.
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    The Technologies from 1953 to Today